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Born in Austin, TX. Grew up in Bloomington, IL. Now live in Malibu, CA.
Going to college this fall in Philadelphia, PA

Q: How long have you been juggling?
A: I have been able to juggle for the last 10 years, but didn't start taking it seriously until two years ago.

Q: How did you learn how to juggle?
A: My school had a circus program after school.

Q: Why did you keep juggling?
A: The circus program taught us all different circus acts. I caught on to juggling very quickly. But once i was too old for the program, I was pretty much done juggling. Then two years later I saw the Chris Bliss Diss and started up again.

Q: Why do you want to compete in the WJF competitions?
A: It is so much fun. I love it. I enjoy pushing myself to higher levels, and competition makes me do that. I get nervous in the weeks before, but once I get there I am pretty relaxed and always have a great time.

Q: What are your goals in juggling, technically and professionally?
A: I would love to juggle professionally, but it is hard to do so. I will continue performing on the side through college as well as training for competition.

Q: What kind of training has been the most beneficial in progressing your juggling skills?
A: If something goes wrong, I think "Why did that go wrong?" Once I figure that out, I focus on fixing that one thing, and it usually works itself out. I also like to visualize what the trick should look like, and that tends to help too. Watching myself on video has also been helpful on fixing bad habits or bad form.

Q: What has had the most influence on your juggling?
A: The World Juggling Federation, lessons with Vova.

See Josh Horton compete in the 2008 WJF Overall Championship at WJF 5, December 17th - 23rd, 2008 at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.