The THAI™ Process

THAI™ is an evolutionary new configuration for in-situ combustion which combines a horizontal production well with a vertical air injection well placed at the toe.


Higher Resource Recovery
  • Estimated 70-80 percent recovery of oil-in-place.

  • Potentially feasible over a broader range of reservoirs including: low pressure, thinner, previously steamed, deeper, removal of gas over bitumen; or top and bottom water.
Improved Economics
  • Lower capital cost -
    only one horizontal well, minimal steam and water processing facilities.
  • Lower operating cost - negligible natural gas consumption, minimal steam generation and minimal water processing.
  • Potential for higher netbacks for partially upgraded product and less diluent use.
  • Faster project execution time
Lower Environmental Impact
  • Negligible fresh water use
  • 50 percent less greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Smaller surface footprint and easier reclamation