Goodbye HIFAR
HIFAR research reactor image
HIFAR reactor at ANSTO. The shutdown initiation in January 2007 marks the beginning of a decommissioning process which will take up to 10 years to complete.
HIFAR at Lucas Heights
The HIFAR reasearch reactor has operated safely at Lucas Heights for 50 years. Over the years HIFAR has produced millions of patient nuclear medicine doses (approx half a million a year) for the diagnosis and treatment of major diseases such as cancer and heart disease.
The Hon. Julie Bishop MP, Minister for Education, Science and Training
The Hon. Julie Bishop MP, Minister for Education, Science and Training initiated the final shutdown of Australia's first nuclear reactor, HIFAR.
Minister Julie Bishop shuts HIFAR site at Lucas Heights
Minister Julie Bishop MP, is joined by ANSTO's Executive Director Dr Ian Smith to unveil a plaque commemorating HIFAR. "Closing HIFAR is necessary to make way for Australia's new OPAL reactor, which will take Australian nuclear science into the twenty-first century." said Dr Smith
Opening ceremony
Prime Minister Menzies openg HIFAR
The official opening of the Lucas Heights research laboratories was carried out by the then Prime Minister of Australia, the Right Hon R G Menzies.
Prime Minister with his finger on the button
HIFAR went critical on Australia Day 1958 and was officially opened on 18 April 1958 by the then Prime Minister, Robert Menzies. With him is the then Chief Scientist of the AAEC Research Establishment, Charles Watson-Munro.
Into the future
 HIFAR image
HIFAR's use changed over the years, especially after the Australian
Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) was created on 27 April 1987.