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Master Of Paradise Album Cover

Session Notes: Master Of Paradise

Released: 1999

Master of Paradise was a trip down a very different road for many people but not really myself. For quite some time, I had wanted to complete a vocal album on my own without the input of any other players or musicians. And without question, this was the record where all of that came together for me. I have been singing backup in so many situations before so it really was fairly natural for me to assume the lead vocal position. I suppose the one thing that was a strange twist for me was writing lyrics that I would ultimately end up singing myself.

Working with Atma Anur again - who is without question one of the most unique drummers I have heard in some time - was a great experience. He has the ability to play anything you put in front of him and still make it sound like a groove. See the thing is, many drummers are great.. until the click track comes on.. But Atma is a groove king! No click track worries! Prior to this, the last time we worked together was during the Maximum Security sessions when he split the drum duties with the great Deen Castronovo.

Larry Dennison, one of my very good friends and huge bass talent who I had the pleasure of working with during the Freedom to Fly and Madness sessions, always comes to every studio date with all the homework done and a smoking tone. It really makes the creative process flow much easier when there are no technical issues to try and overcome or circumvent. At that time I believe Larry was very busy with Ronnie James Dio so I guess I could say I was getting some positive Dio influences vicariously through Larry…haha just kidding. I toured with Larry quite a bit and have to say he is one of the most consistent players I have ever known.

The entire album was recorded in 2 months and mixed in 2 weeks. Again I recorded all guitars and bass at my studio in Los Angeles. You know, I have never mixed a CD on my own as I still think the music breathes better when it’s exposed to the creative control of a very talented mixer. Besides, I doubt I will ever have the patience for working with computers for such a long period of time.

After I have recorded the tracks it’s always great to take a long break away from it all and then come in and hear some rough mixes of where things are going. That’s one of my favorite things about the studio.

This record did suffer some Mastering problems in the first 500 or so copies. Apparently they were mastered at a lower level than normal. We are very sorry about that. But it was out of our control.

There was a very high energy level in the music during these sessions as we were all aware that it was a first for me to sing on a disc… maybe not the last! So there is a much tighter cohesive type of playing you must try to achieve when you are doing basic tracks for a vocal CD. I am very happy with the outcome of Master Of Paradise. I wish we had actually toured to support this album, but perhaps in the tour coming I can do couple of these numbers. We shall see.

Thanks for taking this trip back in time with us.


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