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The Office: Ben Franklin

(S03E14) According to Michael Scott, the "dilly-o" of life includes learning how to jumpstart a car. His "epiphery" led him to create a video message for his future son, and his instructions on how to take off a woman's bra were fairly informative. But the sight of Dwight in a bra, even if taken from behind, was slightly disturbing, to say the least.

So Phyllis will be marrying Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration in about a week. Good for her! She seems to be one of he few sane souls in Scranton, and she deserves to be happy. Lucky for her, when Michael discovered what "Primae Noctis" was, he quicklhy backed off.

I've worked in offices where a shower would be thrown for a female staffer with the men invited, but it always seemed awkward for us guys to be there. I liked Michael's solution of throwing a bachelor party in the warehouse much better. I loved the continuous reference to the 2:30 to 3:15 timeframe.

The Jim-Karen-Pam situation certainly took a weird turn, didn't it? You get the feeling that this whole thing is going to come to a head fairly soon, but I, for one, can't seem to get a handle as to what is going to happen. If the show follows the form of the British version, Jim and Karen will break up and Pam will continue to go back and forth as to whether she'll hook up with Jim. Too many awkward conversations and glances to believe that nothing will happen.

Some other thoughts:

  • Was the Ben Franklin impersonator really a male stripper/dancer? He did end up hitting on Pam, but we never got any hint of him ready to start doing a Chippendales sort of thing. The character had some great lines--very well-written part.
  • The scene with Michael and Ryan in the sex shop didn't seem to go anywhere, but the tiling out of the inventory got a big laugh out of me.
  • We only got a fleeting glance of Stanley this week. Too bad.
  • The man meat joke seemed rather Beavis and Butthead-ish.
  • Michael's guilt over his behavior at the bachelor party was rather surprising. The fact that he called Jan, who I guess is now his girlfriend, took some cojones. Is Michael in love? It seems like it.

Finally, one last thought. Where was Andy? You would think he would have been the most obnoxious boor at the bachelor party, but after his wacked-out behavior a few weeks ago, he may be laying low for a while. Since Ed Helms has been signed on for the entire season, the expected blow-up will likely come at the end of the season.

A solid episode. Not much happened here other than the Jim-Karen-Pam triangle, which seems to be headking for some sort of confrontation sooner or later.

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