Full Review: Relient K - The Bird And The Bee Sides

The new release from the ever so clever pop rock band Relient K is not exactly all new songs although they may all be new to you.13 new songs along with 13 B-sides give plenty of songs for those on a budget. Just like a new used car still feels new to you, this feels like a complete 26 song album and not two different ones.

Relient K is well known for their use of puns and other lyrical play which is still very much intact. The style on the new songs however does feel a little retrospective with faster tempos scattered throughout and more freedom for creativity. Several songs clock in at under 2 minutes which is just enough time to give the strong melodies time to shine. “You’ll Always Be My Best Friend” is one of these quickies that would help any guy woo a girl.

“The Last, The Lost, The Least” explores a new sound for the band but picks at one that works well. The track’s understated pop punk sense focuses on the strong chorus which really sticks. “The Lining Is Silver” is more familiar right off the bat but drills down on a really catchy melody making it one of the strongest songs on the record.

There is very little to dislike about this album. Either you aren’t a Relient K sort of person or you aren’t and while this record won’t change an unbeliever, it definitely reaffirms the fans who are. Some of the demos are less than spectacular but you’ve already listened though 22 songs and gotten your moneys worth.

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    i cant wait to get a hold of this album :]

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