Thursday, August 28, 2008

AMD to Start Transition to New Platform Form-Factor in March, 2009.
[1:37 pm]

AMD to Ship First AM3 Processors in March, 2009

Rumours About Abit’s Exiting from Mainboard Business Resurrect.
[8:15 am]

Abit to Stop Making Mainboards by Year End – Rumours

Nvidia Changes SLI Licensing Policy, Starts Mainboards Certification.
[6:27 am]

Nvidia to Charge Mainboard Makers for SLI License

AMD’s First 45nm Desktop Microprocessors Set to Arrive on the 8th of January, 2009.
[4:32 am]

AMD Phenom X4 45nm Expected to Hit Higher Clock-Speeds


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fujitsu Preps “Venus” Eight-Core Sparc64 Processor.
[11:54 pm]

Sparc64 to Get Eight Processing Engines

Qimonda Begins to Ship XDR Memory for Sony PlayStation 3.
[4:26 pm]

Qimonda Initiates XDR Shipments for Sony’s PlayStation 3

One New Dual-Core AMD Athlon X2/K10 Processor Is Planned for September Launch, Say Sources.
[3:01 pm]

AMD Readies Athlon X2 6500, No Dual-Core Phenom Chips for Now

Nvidia Does Not Plan to Develop Central Processing Units – Company.
[12:51 pm]

Nvidia Has No x86 CPU Ambitions, Says Co-Founder

Samsung Unveils Solid State Drives for Ultra Low-Cost Personal Computers.
[9:34 am]

Samsung Bets on SSDs for Low-Cost Personal Computers


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Robots Set to Use x86 Microprocessors – Research Firm.
[11:17 pm]

Small, but Powerful Processor Designs May Go Head-to-Head in Robots

AMD Quietly Starts to Sell Dual-Core Phenom Microprocessors.
[6:10 pm]

AMD’s Partners Begin to Offer AMD Phenom X2 GE Processors

Toshiba’s Refusal to Sell HD DVD Patents Indicates Readiness to Fight Blu-Ray in China.
[1:09 pm]

Taiwanese Optical Disc Drive Makers Want to Get HD DVD Patents for Better Negotiation Terms with BDA – Claim

Intel Atom-Based Mobile Phones Due in 2009 – 2010, Says Company.
[10:53 am]

32nm Intel Atom to Power Cell Phones – Intel

Nvidia to Enhance “Robustness” of Its Desktop Graphics Products – Documents.
[7:00 am]

Nvidia Wants to Ensure Reliability of GeForce 8 Graphics Cards