Cloud Foundry Features

Cloud Computing in Java, Made Easy

With Cloud Foundry, cloud computing is as easy as dropping your appplication's .war files and database files into a Cloud Foundry-managed container running on Amazon EC2.

Pick Your Runtime Topology

Select from best practice topologies at deployment time; from a single EC2 instance, to high availability multiple load-balanced instances in different availability zones and a master-slave database.

Supports popular open-source technologies

Cloud Foundry supports the Apache, Tomcat and MySQL stack. It configures MySQL for master/slave replication and uses Apache to load balance across one or more Tomcat servers.

Intuitive user interface

The Cloud Foundry management console provides an intuitive user interface for uploading your application and deploying it on EC2. From the console, you can manage your appliation and monitor it's health.

Flexible Configuration

Cloud Foundry can execute your scripts to install and configure additional software. Whats more, even though Cloud Foundry manages your instances you still have full root access to them.

One Button Cluster Management

Start, stop, clone, and upgrade your cluster and view log files with the push of a button.

Application monitoring and management

Cloud Foundry monitors all the elements of your application. It automatically restarts failed servers and instances and autoscales your application as the load fluctuates.

Cloud Tools Open Source Project

Cloud Foundry is a hosted commercial spin-off of the open source Cloud Tools project. See


Cloud Foundry is now in alpha test. We are looking for additional testers. Sign up now.


During Alpha test, use of Cloud Foundry is free. Note: Normal Amazon Web Service charges still apply.

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