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Winners 2005
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Syngenta ABSW 
Science Writers' Awards 2005

The winners of the Syngenta ABSW Science Writers' Awards for 2005 were announced this evening at a ceremony at The Royal Society, London , hosted by Dr Ted Nield, Chairman of the Association of British Science Writers, and Martin Taylor, Chairman of Syngenta. Lawrence McGinty, Health & Science Editor, ITN News, introduced the shortlisted entrants before the winners were announced by Martin Taylor. A surprise Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Services to Science Journalism was made to Sir David Attenborough OM, and the award for Parliamentary Science Communicator of the Year was made for the first time. The guest speaker was Professor Ian Wilmut OBE FRS FRSE, Director of The Centre for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Edinburgh . Prof Wilmut led the team that produced Dolly, the first animal to develop after nuclear transfer from an adult cell.
Lifetime achievement award for outstanding services to science journalism
Sir David Attenborough OM - [DETAILS]
The best feature on science subject in a national or regional newspaper
Ben Goldacre for ‘ Don't Dumb Me Down ' published in The Guardian on 8th September 2005
The best feature on science subject in a specialist periodical
Jim Giles for ‘ The dustiest place on Earth ' published in Nature on 14th April 2005
The best journalism on a science subject

David Cohen for ‘ I'm on the plane ' published in New Scientist on 10th September 2005

The best scripted/edited radio programme on a science subject

Louise Dalziel for ‘ The good, the bad & the ugly (programme 1): The plague ' broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 15th June 2005

The best television programme on a science subject
David Sington for ‘ Global dimming ' broadcast on BBC 2 on 13th January 2005
The best science writing on the World Wide Web

David Dickson , Mike Shanahan, Catherine Brahic, TV Padma & colleagues for ‘ Tsunami update ' published on www.SciDev.net on 31st December 2005

The best communication of science in a non-science context
Robin McKie for ‘ Bring back stinks and bangs ' published in New Statesman on 18th April 2005
Young Broadcaster of the Year in conjunction with BBC Radio Science
Sonja van Renssen
Parliamentary Science Communicator of the Year
Lord Taverne

The Judging Panel for the 2005 Awards comprised:

Prof Joe Cann - Department of Earth Sciences, University of Leeds
Dr Graham Easton - GP & Freelance Medical Journalist
Dr Robin Lovell-Badge FRS-MRC National Institute for Medical Research
Dr Evan Harris MP - (Oxford West & Abingdon)
Carlo Massarella - Producer & Director, Windfall Films
Dr Ted Nield - Chairman, ABSW
Tim Radford - Formerly Science Editor, The Guardian
Martin Redfern - senior Producer, BBC Science Radio
Andrew Sugden - International Managing Editor, Science
Michael White - Political Editor, The Guardian

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