Here is a link to all my X-Files Fanfiction. Every word I've ever written for a X-Files Fanfic can be found here. So click on the frame to your left to start reading. I've broken the stories into categories to make it easier for you to find what you want. **I am currently looking for a few people to beta read my latest fanfic, The Spirit Quest. It's a MSR SRA. It's LONG - about 100 MS Word pages. I am not done with it, but I think I could have some people start, and I'll be finished with it by the time they get to the 3/4 mark. If anyone sees this and is interested, please contact me. If you want to see a summary of the story, click on New Stories and scroll down.** NOTE: I'm a Shipper. I'm proud of it. Deal with it. :-) Seriously, though, I am a Shipper, so most of my stories are MSR's, and if they're not, they're usually full of UST between everyone's two favorite FBI agents. :-) Image taken from Haven for the FBI's Most Unwanted

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