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Comision de Box y Lucha Libre Mexico D.F.
National Heavyweight Title
(as of 2007/09/13)

Francisco Aguayo25
Martinez Larrea30/11
Francisco Aguayo [2]34/06/21Mexico City
Defeats Manuel Flores.
Yaqui Joe37
Francisco Aguayo [3]38
Vacates in 40.
Firpo Segra44/06/23Mexico City
Defeats Doc Macias.
Rye Duran44/07/07Mexico City
Steve Morgan48/06/14Mexico City
Daniel Aladana51/01/31Mexico City
Joakim Murietta53/03/15Mexico City
Vacant in 55/03.
Médico Asesino56/09/07Mexico City
Defeats Jose Lothario in tournament final; vacant when Médico Asesino dies on 60/06/16.
Pepe Mendieta62/05/13Mexico City
Defeats Henry Pilusso in tournament final
Raul Casasola *62/07/11Mexico City
Pepe Mendieta *65<
Vacates in 65 upon retirement.
Raul Casasola65/12Guadalajara
Defeats Pantera Negra in tournament final.
Pantera Negra66/03/13Guadalajara
Black Gordman66/09/06Tamaulipas
Polo Torres66/11/02Torreon
Henry Pirousso67/10/30Juarez
El Goliath *67/12/03Juarez
Henry Pirousso *
El Goliath69/03/30Juarez
Raul Reyes70/02/02Monterrey
Angel Blanco72/04/07Mexico City
Enrique Vera73/10/26Mexico City
Raul Reyes [2]75/03/12Acapulco
El Halcon75/09/27Mexico City
El Gran Markus76/03/13Guadalajara
El Halcon [2]76/06/24Mexico City
Raul Mata77/12/28Monterrey
El Nazi78/07/01Monterrey
TNT78/10/27Mexico City
El Gran Markus [2]79/02/04Mexico City
El Halcon [3]79/12/23Torreon
Tony Benetto80/01/16Acapulco
Cien Caras80/07/26Puebla
Herodes82/03/28Mexico City
Halcon Ortiz82/06/20Guadalajara
Pirata Morgan83/08/07Guadalajara
Rayo de Jalisco Jr.84/01/08Mexico City
Cien Caras [2]84/03/30Mexico City
Alfonso Dantes86/08/20Acapulco
Super Halcon87/09/03Guadalajara
El Gran Markus Jr.87/12/17Acapulco
Alfonso Dantes [2]88/08/07Guadalajara
Vacant in 89/03 when Dantes retires.
Popitekus89/05/21Mexico City
Defeats El Gran Markus Jr. in tournament final.
El Gran Markus Jr. [2]90/05/20Acapulco
Rayo de Jalisco Jr. [2]90/10/17Acapulco
El Egipicio91/04/13Puebla
Rayo de Jalisco Jr. [3]92/06/13Mexico City
Pierroth Jr.95/02/21Puebla
Mascara Sagrada96/09/20Actopan
Perro Aguayo98/02/22Chihuahua
El Cobarde Sr.99/02/15Nuevo Laredo
Latin Lover99/10/19Ciudad Acuna
El Cobarde Sr. [2]99/12/25Toluca
Defeats El Hijo del Solitario
Latin Lover [2]02<
Hector Garza02/05/05Monterrey
El Zorro03/05/05Monterrey
Pirata Morgan03/12/27Oaxaca
El Zorro [2]04/02/04Veracruz
Mr. Aguila04/06/20Mexico City
El Zorro [3]04/08/01Guadalajara
Charly Manson06/06/04Pachuca, Hidalgo
Vacates after losing match against Chessman during AAA World Heavyweight Unification Tournament on 2007/09/13; since Chessman is not billed as a Mexican native, the match is not for the title.

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