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Welcome to the Facebook Developer Wiki!

Curious About the New Profile Design?

Then check out the integration guide. You'll find details on all the upcoming changes to the profile and to Platform. We let users opt in and try the new profile design on July 20, 2008. Read this FAQ that answer questions you might have about how users authorize applications and about session keys.

Facebook Connect
With Facebook Connect, your users can connect and share with their friends.

Platform Internationalization
Translate your Facebook Platform applications using Facebook's Translations application.

This wiki is a reference for developers interested in Facebook Platform. Facebook Platform is a standards-based Web service with methods for accessing and contributing Facebook data. We've made the methods as easy to understand as possible, and this wiki includes full documentation to help you learn more.

All content is created by users, so feel free to contribute! We currently have 566 articles. See the most viewed articles.


Getting started


Facebook Developer Site

Learn about Facebook Platform.

Facebook Developer App

Read Facebook Platform news and talk with developers.

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