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Welcome to Econ Academics

The purpose of this blog is to encourage the discussion of research in Economics. This is not a traditional blog, as it mainly serves as a portal to other blogs. As was discussed (1, 2) a while ago on the RePEc blog, there is currently little in the Economics profession in terms of forums to discuss current research. Here, we would like to highlight those blogs where this happens and hopefully encourage others to join the fray.

The selection of the featured blogs is made on the following criteria:

  • A fair share of posts discuss current research. The discussion is more about papers and articles than other blog posts, op-ed or newspaper articles.
  • The blog has been active for at least one month and seems to be managed in a sustainable manner.
  • The blog is about Economics, Finance and their fringes. It needs to be of academic nature.

My editorial choices are final, but readers are welcome to discuss them, make proposals, etc. in the comments to this post.

On the two first sidebars, the current selections are displayed with their last several posts. They are ordered alphabetically, but less active blogs may be dropped lower. At this point, the last three posts on each blog are listed. This may change according to posting frequency and space constraints. The rightmost sidebar has other interesting links, including for those blogs that do not allow a dynamic display of their last posts.

Addendum: I have received many suggestions for inclusion. Let me clarify that I am not interested (here) in blogs that discuss current events, other blogs or pieces written by journalists. Blog posts should, in a significant fraction, be about academic research in Economics (and Finance), and readers should be able to comment.