August 30, 2008
Albany, NY
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Customs inspectors check passenger identification, citizenship, visas, foreign purchases and cash or negotiable instruments valued at over $10,000. Officers also inspect pilot certificates and aircraft registrations.

In order to have a Customs Officer present to provide inspection services, Customs must be notified at least two hours in advance of arrival time at the Albany International Airport. Albany is an "international airport" or "airport of entry" and permission to land is not necessary. It is the pilot's responsibility to notify Customs of an incoming flight. Notification may be made by any means including ADCUS message in the flight plan through the FAA. Pilots may also communicate directly with Customs at 1 518 431-0200, 1 800 973-2867 or 1 407 975-1740.

The U.S. Customs Office can be reached at 518 431-0200. After hours calls from the United States can be directed to the U.S. Customs Sector Communications toll-free number at 800 -X- SECTOR. Calls from outside the United States should be directed to 407 975-1740.

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