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Posted August 14, 2008 5:00 PM
Bush and Fox at ranch.jpeg

President Bush gets a lot of work done at his Prairie Chapel Ranch, with Bush seen here playing host to former Mexican President Vicente Fox a few years back. On Saturday, Bush will receive Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, reporting in from Georgia. (AP Photo by Charles Dharapak)

The Swamp

by Mark Silva

President Bush postponed his summer vacation at his Texas ranch because of the crisis in Georgia.

A day.

Bush plans to leave for Crawford tomorrow.

"Got a lot of folks, smart folks analyzing the situation on the ground,' Bush said today, after a meeting at the CIA today, "of course, briefing us on different possibilities that could develop in the area and the region.

Air Force One is Texas-bound Friday.

"I think the president wanted to stick around one more day today,'' White House Press Secretary Dana Perino explained, noting that Bush has sent Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to the region. "She is going to come back to the ranch... He will take all the communications... he needs with him.''

Bush spent his added day in Washington, before the truncated-by-a-day trip to Texas, in private briefings at the CIA and in meetings with employees there. "He had a very good day at the CIA with two briefings and a chance to meet with many members of the CIA,'' Perino said. "He spent a little over two hours in the cafeteria... He had lunch at a long table of employees who had joined in the last (few) years.''

The president's spokeswoman was asked when Russia might see the "consequences'' of its incursion into Georgia - consequences which Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Rice have asserted are sure to result from the "disproportionate'' reaction the Russians made to a conflict in South Ossetia.

The consequences already are playing out, Perino suggested, in Russia's standing in the eyes of the Western world. "They have shown the world that their motivations can be questioned when it comes to the region,'' she said. "There are consequences to that, because there is a reputation to be managed for Russia.

"This is very serious,'' Perino said. "We had a sovereign demoratic country that was invaded by Russia... Like Secretary Rice said, this is not 1968, and there is no place for these actions.''

As for Bush, the president will monitor events from his ranch. He plans to receive Rice there on Saturday. "I'm looking forward to hearing firsthand what she has seen, what she has heard,'' he said, calling for "the territorial integrity of Georgia to be respected and the cease-fire agreement to be honored. And we will be working this issue throughout the coming weeks.''

He also will have a Republican National Convention, for the nomination of Sen. John McCain for president, to attend the first week of September. But Bush doesn't sound too worried about his speech.

"I don't anticipate any rehearsals in Crawford, no,'' Perino said.

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You summed it up nicely; put off the vacation -- one day. Thank goodness that expert in Soviet cold war policy, Condi Rice, is on the case -- no shoe shopping trips for her.

Big deal, Bush can do all the same things from Crawford that he could from Washington and Condi and Sark are on the case in Russia. This changes nothing.

Just as an exercise, in the write up above:

Replace Russia with America and replace Georgia with Iraq and see how the story reads.

Compelling isn't it?


Wait, wasn't the Beijing Olympics trip a vacation?

I find it interesting that Pundits and Republicans critized Obama for remaining on vacation in view of the Georgia/Russia crisis even though he is only a candidate for President; and, here the "real" President is going on vacation after postponing his vacation for ONE DAY!

Now watch this drive!

We are safer with him out of
Washington and Cheney in Wyoming and our famous Sec. of State back at Berkley.

McCain is at town hall meetings across America telling people Russia is still an evil empire.

Obama, is on vacation in Hawaii, and just four putted #16 for and got a snowman.

Hmmmm....who's better prepared to be the next leader?


At least bush appears to do vacations well.

Wait, wasn't the Beijing Olympics trip a vacation?

Posted by: JOHNster | August 14, 2008 9:56 PM

No silly, that was an attempt at diplomacy...you know, go there make speeches that poke a stick in your host's eye...It had nothing to do with clearing brush or riding mountain bikes.

Did you know that President Bush is afraid of horses? According to Vincente Fox he is. Vincente Fox calls Bush a pick up cowboy.

GW Bush is a sorry excuse for a leader. How ironic that the story includes a pic of Bush and former President Vincente Fox riding around the ranch in a truck. It was Fox that exposed our "windshield cowboy" GW Bush for being afraid of horses....what a coward! Jan. 20, 2009 - the end the Bush "error." GOOD RIDDANCE !!!!!


That is because McCain's lobbyist foreign policy advisor, the Georgian lobbyist, is telling him to say that.

The guy has to get McCain to do something so that he earns the $200,000 that the country sent him.

This OIL BARRON CREEP is with another one of his crooked pals !!
When will this jerk get his JAIL TIME ?????

Bush has always been an "all hat, no cattle" type cowboy. Maybe a horse gazed into his soul and give him a good kick.

Bush arming and training the Georgian army. Bush supporting a nationalistic Mikheil Saakashvili, who was elected on the promise to retake Ossetia and Abkhazia. Bush visiting Georgia and taking part in a nationalistic event. Bush aggressively pushing Nato membership for Georgia. So again a Bush's disaster. He even has the audacity to claim the moral high ground. Lucky for the USA and the world shortly he go on vacation indefinitely. Probably not to Iraq or Ossetia, perhaps to the International Court in the Haque, though I would advise him to stay awy from Georgia too.

Here comes Bush's martial law justification. Try to push Russia around until Putin retaliates, economically or militarily, then declare a state of emergency. Get ready, folks, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

"I find it interesting that Pundits and Republicans critized Obama for remaining on vacation in view of the Georgia/Russia crisis even though he is only a candidate for President; and, here the "real" President is going on vacation after postponing his vacation for ONE DAY!
Posted by: La Forest Faulkner | August 14, 2008 10:03 PM"
You're thinking logically again!!

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