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Create a 24-hour Itinerary for a 24-hour City

  • Client: New Orleans Convention & Visitor's Bureau
  • Agency: Trumpet
  • Location: New Orleans


In July 2007, the New Orleans CVB and Trumpet launched, a customizable Web site that serves as the official 24-hour insider’s guide for planning a trip to a 24-hour city. The effort is intended to identify the best potential visitors by targeting the "seeker" profile, with efforts designed to generate buzz, drive traffic to, and ultimately get offbeat travelers to New Orleans.

The itinerary-building Web Site,, won a Platinum Award in the web marketing division within CVBs/Destinations/Offices of Tourism in the Web Site category of the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) during the 2007 Adrian Awards. Its Platinum status made eligible for the Gala’s most prestigious award, “Best in Show,” which it won.

Trumpet recently designed and implemented a new way to interact with By using the Yahoo Widget Engine to create a feed for authentic New Orleans experiences, users can now access 24nola content directly on their desktop whether they are a Mac or PC user.