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What is Otherkin?

In a nutshell, Otherkin are a coalition of people who share in common the belief that some internal part of them is somehow incongruent with the rest of the human race. Beyond that, beliefs vary too widely to classify them into any one group.

Some of the most common beliefs are that the soul is somehow different from human. This may go in hand with a belief in reincarnation and “imprinting” (in which a past life as another species leaves an imprint on the soul which is then carried over into the next life), or the individual may believe that this is his/her first life and they are simply different.

Above all, Otherkin is a spiritual belief.

Is Otherkin a religion?

NO. For it to be a religion, we would all have to agree on basic metaphysical beliefs and ethics, and we would also need formal leaders (such as a priesthood). We have no leaders, we have no organization, and we do not always agree. Individuals usually have their own religion or mix of religions (or even a religion they made up to suit their beliefs) along with their otherkin beliefs.

Is Otherkin a subculture or counterculture?

NO. For it to be a subculture, we would all have to adapt to similar styles of living and/or dress. This is not the case. Otherkin come from all walks of life - there are teenagers and old folks alike in the community, and we live all over the world.

Is Otherkin an internet subculture?

NO. Although the origins of Otherkin began on the newsgroup alt.horror.werewolves, we have since expanded beyond that and formed many different communities both online and off. OKC is just one of many online communities, and we encourage offline contact as much as possible/practical.

Are Otherkin really a bunch of delusional, socially maladaptive kids like I read on that website?

NO. As with any group, not everyone fits the stereotype. Any community is going to have its bad apples which stand out in people’s minds better than the typical members. In my experience, Otherkin are usually levelheaded and able to question their beliefs and function in human society.

Are Otherkin real?

YES. Otherkin is defined as being a belief system. So, if you truly believe in your heart and soul that you are Otherkin, then you are. Yes, people REALLY do believe in this. So, technically speaking, otherkin are real.

If you mean “real” in the sense that their souls are truly what they say they are, there is no way to prove or disprove that. You might as well try to prove or disprove God.

Is it a Roleplaying thing?

NO. While some Otherkin may participate in roleplaying, strictly speaking the beliefs are separate from the roleplay - even if they are roleplaying as their identified “kintype”.

Are Otherkin affiliated with the Furry community?

NO. They are completely separate and have nothing to do with us. However, Furries can be Otherkin and vise-versa, so they are not mutually exclusive groups - they just aren’t related to one another, either.