Singer game for 'Service' with Tigon

Singer game for 'Service' with Tigon

Chris Marlowe
Bryan Singer is partnering with Vin Diesel's Tigon Studios to create an original video game franchise. It is the first time Hollywood talent of this caliber has become involved in a game not based on a movie or television series.

The working title of the property is "Secret Service," and it will be a character-driven, tactical action adventure based on the life of a Secret Service agent who has been assigned to the president's detail.

Singer developed the project with Mark Feigin, a former staff member on the White House advance team. Feigin fulfilled those responsibilities -- part of which involved liaising with the Secret Service -- for President Clinton, Vice President Al Gore and first lady Hillary Clinton.

The two then brought the concept to Tigon Studios director of product development Cos Lazouras, who quickly came on board.

The game will offer players and the outside world an intimate and accurate look inside the activities of this powerful but not well-known government agency.

Based in Los Angeles, Tigon Studios was founded by Diesel with the goal of creating properties that could start as a video game but then extend into a franchise and other entertainment media.

No plans to do that with "Secret Service" have been confirmed, but the company's philosophy, combined with the involvement of such proven talents as Singer and Diesel, make it likely.

Lazouras similarly avoided any specific commitment beyond the initial game. "Tigon Studios creates original franchises that can be translated into multiple mediums," he said. " 'SS' will build upon that objective."

Diesel contributed his own likeness and voice talents to the first game from the young company, "The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay," but no casting decisions have been made on the new project.

Singer is represented by WMA; Diesel is represented by Endeavor and the Firm. The deal was initiated by WMA's Cody Alexander, who specializes in expanding intellectual property into new media.