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June 15, 2006: Posted by CharlotteLennox in installments on her LiveJournal, JournalFen, and the JournalFen community Bad_Penny, The Ms. Scribe Story: An Unauthorized Fandom Biography told the story of Msscribe.

In short, using information gathered from IP addresses, public posts, shared locked posts, saved emails, and screencaps, CharlotteLennox alleged that Msscribe had successfully used a legion of sockpuppets (at least two which "stalked" her) to orchestrate her own rise to BNF in Harry Potter fandom. In the end, Msscribe held a coveted place within the Inner Circle, a close friend of Cassandra Claire.

As the story was being posted, the initial defenses were many. As it continued, wankas and BNFs alike were frequently able to independently corroborate her account. In the end, Heidi posted on her journal to say that Msscribe had confessed to at least one of the charges.

And the remnants of the Inner Circle in Harry Potter fandom began a complete meltdown.

The Ms. Scribe Story: An Unauthorized Fandom Biography

Table of Contents

Preface and Chapter 1: The Background

Background on the state of Harry Potter fandom as of 2002. Canon shippers leave the HP4GU (Harry Potter For Grown-Ups) mailing list to form Sugar Quill. Harry/Hermione shippers on HP4GU go to Fiction Alley after bans Cassandra Claire. Harry/Ginny shippers who were never in HP4GU found Gryffindor Tower. In HP fandom, GT gets along with SQ because both think H/G and R/S are OTP, but AFAIK FA doesn't think GT is OK because OMG they weren't on HP4GU and FA's BNF CC hates H/G. Everybody get all that? Good.
Cassie Claire writes The Very Secret Diaries, elevating her to superstardom. Anybody would do anything to be her best friend.

Chapter 2: Msscribe Enters the Fandom

MsScribe debuts on Fiction Alley Park and Portkey in late 2002. She immediately attracts a fan in Clarabella21, a 31-year-old literary editor and mother of two in New Jersey. davis_517 starts a flame war with MsScribe but ultimately comes around and befriends her. Sarahkjames turns up in early 2003 to join the lovefest. Each of these three people appear to do nothing on the Internet that doesn't revolve around being fans of MsScribe and her friend Babygrrl, who may have been an actual person.
MsScribe, BabyGrrl, Sarahkjames, and Clarabella start Livejournals in February 2003. On LJ, Clarabella is suddenly a 19-year-old student at Rutgers with no children, and both she and Sarahkjames have different birthdays than on Portkey. MsScribe's journal frequently features topics designed to win sympathy and influence fangirls, such as:
Fermatojam debuts on LJ and immediately starts condemning Harry Potter slash and porn. He creates a "Big Name Sinners" list of people going to hell for their fanfic, which coincidentally includes BNFs in Fiction Alley...and MsScribe. Earning Fermatojam's enmity becomes a status symbol and MsScribe is thus elevated to the status of the other Big Name Sinners. Fermatojam vanishes shortly thereafter, but not before claiming to hail from Gryffindor Tower, exacerbating FA's hostility towards GT.

Chapter 3: Msscribe Conquers All

Claiming to be Fermatojam's spiritual advisor, Killiganhashope shows up to continue where he left off. MsScribe and Clarabella eventually claim to have exposed Killigan as RunechildUK, but when their methods are disputed they retract the claim, and Killigan disappears from LiveJournal.
Sarahkjames discovers another Christian, Pottersginny, who acheives infamy by claiming allegiance to Gryffindor Tower and calling MsScribe (who is apparently of mixed race) a "zebra". The zebra incident turns much of Harry Potter fandom against GT, forcing GT admins to deny any affiliation with Pottersginny. When GT bans her, an anon signing as Kellie defends Pottersginny and strengthens her claim to being a GT member. GT's reputation worsens due to RunechildUK's response to Fandomopoly, leading MsScribe and her minions to troll RunechildUK's journal and speculate that he is in fact Pottersginny. Runechild's LJ is deleted, and coincidentally Pottersginny deletes hers, increasing speculation. HGempress creates gt_hidden_room.

Chapter 4: Msscribe Suffers a Setback

In May 2003, GT mod magoo42 contacts Sugar Quill mod angua9 about the possibility that MsScribe may have been Fermatojam. Angua and dianora arrive at the conclusion that Fermatojam, Clarabella, Sarahkjames, etc. are sockpuppets. Babygrrl/Infinitus coincidentally leaves the fandom at this time. Carissa_lynn hints at her suspicions, prompting Clarabella to confess that she posted as the suspected sockpuppets from MsScribe's computer, while babysitting MsScribe's children. MsScribe forgives Clarabella but threatens reprisal against GT if they do not let the matter drop. The GT admins nevertheless gather more evidence against MsScribe.

Chapter 5: Msscribe Battles Gryffindor Tower

Gryffindor Tower releases the results of its investigations, suggesting that MsScribe, Clarabella, Sarahkjames, Fermatojam, Pottersginny, Melodyannsings, and Kellie are all the same person. It's so tl;dr that it does little to sway public opinion. MsScribe protests her innocence, claiming GT forged the IP addresses in their evidence and describing them as cockroaches. Fiction Alley threatens legal action against GT if they continue to harrass MsScribe, and appoints her as an FA mod.

Chapter 6: Msscribe in the Aftermath

MsScribe and HGempress both attend Nimbus. At the con, Msscribe requests protection from Fermatojam and provides details about the police department which had arrested him for stalking her. She takes a position with the Witching Hour In Salem, which releases a bio for her mentioning a stint on Hillary Clinton's campaign team in 2000. In her LJ she is known to have claimed to have visited all 50 states as a professional backup singer. That's some campaign Hillary was running. Perhaps fearing that people she met at Nimbus will discover that none of these things are true MsScribe famously claims that she lost her job when one of her enemies (read: someone from Gryffindor Tower) revealed her boss and the local newspaper that she writes Harry Potter porn.
Watchful_entity turns up and is generally consistent with MsScribe's sockpuppets, although no known connection exists.

Chapter 7: Msscribe Settles In for the Long Haul

Gryffindor Tower implodes and within minutes MsScribe creates the JournalFen account karma_bitch to gloat on Fandom_Wank. In January 2004, Sporkify comes to Fandom_wank to mock former GT admins and introduce fandom_scruples. Much like Fermatojam's Big Name Sinners List, the fandom_scruples blacklist consists of MsScribe and people MsScribe wants to be friends with.

Chapter 8 Msscribe Survives Challenges

Starbuckx posts a rant about MsScribe, prompting an anonymous comment bashing MsScribe, which Starbuckx determines is MsScribe herself. In response to these allegations MsScribe reveals that she started writing Harry Potter fanfic to recover from head trauma suffered in a car accident, and that her live-in nanny Clarabella has to help dress her due to the loss of feeling in her right side.
Speculation that Sporkify is a Fiction Alley moderator prompts Sporkify to post Fiction Alley wank and establish that he is not a FA mod or a thirtysomething housewife. It doesn't work very well.
Fandom_scruples claims to have been observing when Fiction Alley BNFs attended a special screening of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in June 2004. After Angua suggests Fandom_scruples simply is one of the people listed as attending the screening, ari_o creates a facetious poll on which person it is. This unintentionally spooks MsScribe into deleting the more provocative posts on Fandom_scruples.

Chapter 9: Msscribe Leaves the Fandom

MsScribe leaves Harry Potter fandom. She plays a key role in WizardsforBush and CharityWank, and finds it harder to gain sympathy for her side of a fight when her opponents are not imaginary straw men.

Chapter 10: Msscribe Returns

With the release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, MsScribe returns to the fandom. She expresses her offense at Narcissam's wank report about Harmonians comparing their misfortune to that of African-Americans in the 19th century. Danitoba47 quickly pops up to "defend" Narcissam by spewing racist garbage and trolling MsScribe's LJ. MsScribe labels F_W as racists and quotes danitoba's comments to the LJ community blackfolk. Narcissam and CharlotteLennox compare notes and determine that danitoba47 used an IP anonymizing service in the manner of the previous racist trolls.


Ari_o provides Angua9 with the details of Fermatojam's arrest given to her at Nimbus. Angua9 and Oulangi contact the police department that allegedly handled the arrest, asking about the officer she alleged had made the arrest. They have no information in their database for either MsScribe's real name or Fermatojam's alleged real name.

Afterword Two

Cassie Claire provides Angua9 with more evidence suggesting that MsScribe, Clarabella, Fermatojam, Pottersginny, and Karma_bitch are the same person.

Afterword Three

Charlotte replied to an anonymouse nicknamed PI Mouse who claimed to have information vindicating some of Msscribe's claims, and asked for more information.

Afterword Four

PI Mouse's information turns out to be false from beginning to end, and it's concluded PI Mouse is probably Msscribe herself.

Timeline of Events

Meltdown, Part 1: Core Breach

  • Aja gives a candid account of her time in the Inner Circle.

June 18, 2006: Aja's post

Meltdown, Part 2: Critical Mass

  • Nostrademons, a Fiction Alley moderator, confirms that the IP address used by "Sporkify" on fandom_wank (suspected to also be "fandom_scruples" on LJ) matches that used by Msscribe on Fiction Alley Park, and no other user. Heidi releases this information in her journal, talking about how sad she is to have been deceived. [1]
  • After receiving contact information for the police department which allegedly handled Msscribe's stalker, Angua9, a moderator at the Sugar Quill, reveals that no such report exists, nor are there any matches for someone with Msscribe's name or the supposed stalker's name. [2]

June 19-20, 2006: See: Afterword

June 21, 2006: The Bad Penny Update

Meltdown, Part 3: Implosion

  • Heidi blames her former staunch defender, Ari_O, for the entire affair. [5]
  • Angua9 posts a rebuttal, including the email she had sent to Heidi some years earlier. [6]
  • Libertine demonstrates her usual tact and class in responding to Aja's account of life in the Inner Circle. [7]
  • TheExhibitionist is deleted

June 22, 2006: The Bad Penny Update

Meltdown, Part 4: Fallout

  • Msscribe's husband submits a complaint of copyright infringement to the JournalFen Admins (regarding the "Baby Dykes" story included in Charlotte Lennox's account).
  • Cassandra Claire releases a screenshot showing the IP address associated with "fermatojam"'s single post in her journal. To no one's surprise, it matches that of Msscribe and several suspected sockpuppets. A separate user verifies (by talking to the University of Dayton) that the story of Msscribe's supposed stalker, "fermatojam," as a student hacker is untrue. [8]
  • Msscribe friendslocks and renames her journal. [9]
  • A suspected sockpuppet account is used to give a voice post. [10][11]

June 23, 2006: See Afterword Two

Something of a Sequel

  • October 2, 2006: PI Mouse pretends to have evidence backing up some of Msscribe's stories. Charlotte Lennox responds.[12]
  • October 7, 2006: Charlotte Lennox posts proof that PI Mouse is lying.[13]
  • October 13, 2006: Msscribe makes her first public statement since her outing. [14] [15] She apologizes (as usual) for being bitchy to Gryffindor Tower, but says she didn't do most of what she was accused of. Yet she doesn't have the time to defend herself.

Something More of a Sequel

August 16, 2007: MsScribe Speaks


  • Greetings. My name is Charlotte Gordon Lennox, and I am the Loquacious Duchess of Richmond. My friends call me TL;DR. I'm not sure why.
    I have a keen interest in recording fandom history, and I hope that you will find my observations of some interest. - Charlotte Lennox [16]