Degrassi TV Movie

August 30, 2008 by degrassitv

Today (8/30/08) Exec Producer posted on and his myspace blog that they will begin shooting the 4-parter “Paradise City” this week.  They’re going to put all 4 episodes together and air it as a 2-hour tv movie!



Tuesday we start shooting the four-part special episodes, that will also be combined together and versioned as a two-hour movie… as already reported on some sites, it will be Hollywood-themed, and will feature Paige, Manny, Jay, Craig, Ellie, Marco, Peter, Mia, Emma, alongside many other members of the cast… as well as featuring some very interesting additional actors…


Degrassi Season 8 News 8/16/08

August 16, 2008 by degrassitv

Exec Producer Stephen Stohn posted some Degrassi news on his myspace blog today.  Degrassi was nominated for 2 Directors Guild of Canada Awards:  Best Family tv series Episode (710: Pass The Dutchie), and Best Sound Editing.

The exec also posted production news about Season 8:

Meanwhile back at the Epitome studios we’re in the middle of a hiatus on Degrassi, and will start shooting again in September with the special four-part series of episodes, some of which will be shot in Hollywood… these episodes are being shot out of order due to performer availability, and will be the final four episodes of Season 8… they are set over the winter school break…


They’re shooting the season finale Paradise City (719-722) before they shoot episodes 713-718.  One can assume they’ve written those 6 episodes, they’ve just decided not to release the episode titles yet.  And the fact that the season finale takes place over winter break means they’re only covering half of the school year again.  It looks like they’re setting things up to have a season 9 too…

Season 8 PROMO/Theme Song

August 16, 2008 by degrassitv

FINALLY, some news about Season 8! Below is a quick season 8 promo that shows some of the new characters that will be introduced.

Also, the Season 8 theme has been released.  Check out The-N’s karaoke contest.  Under “2008″ go to “hear an example” to hear the new theme.  It sounds a little too pop-ish for my tastes…Hannah Montana anyone?

Degrassi Comes Up Short

August 4, 2008 by degrassitv

The 2008 Teen Choice Awards were taped last night and will air tonight, August 4 at 8pm ET. on FOX.  Unfortunately, Degrassi didn’t win an award this year.  It lost “Choice Summer TV Show” to The Secret Life of an American Teenager

Below’s a link to the complete list of winners:


July 9, 2008 by degrassitv

The Exec. Producer posted more (but not all) of the episode titles for Season 8 today over at the forums.  A 4-part episode??? Interesting…


Here’s an up-to-date list of episodes this year (all subject to change of course!). For logistical reasons we are shooting a number of episodes out of order, so I’ve put the list below in the actual order we will shoot them in, but with the correct episode number as they will be broadcast.

For those who have asked, no 808/809 are not Valentine’s Day episodes, although they will be Valentine’s Day-like (i.e. the Degrassi time frame for them is not February, but the subject matter will be particularly appropriate to be broadcast in February!!)

801 Uptown Girl–Part 1
802 Uptown Girl–Part 2
803 Fight the Power
804 Didn’t We Almost Have It All
805 Man With Two Hearts
806 With Or Without You

808 Lost in Love–Part 1
809 Lost in Love–Part 2

807 Money For Nothing
810 Bad Medicine
811 Causing A Commotion
812 Heat of the Moment

819 Paradise City–Part 1
820 Paradise City–Part 2
821 Paradise City–Part 3
822 Paradise City–Part 4


He also announced that Degrassi has been nominated again for a 2008 Teen Choice Award!


I am delighted to say that DEGRASSI has been nominated in the following category for Teen Choice 2008:


As you may already know, Teen Choice 2008 will take place at The Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday, August 3rd. It will air on FOX the very next day – Monday, August 4th at 8pm (ET/PT)

This year the official Teen Choice website is

Remember–you must be 13 - 19 to vote (i.e your year of birth should be 1989 -1995)!!


Degrassi won “Choice Summer Series” last year, so if you can (unfortunately I’m too old to vote), help Degrassi go for back-to back wins and vote!

Exec Producer Post, 7/05/08

July 7, 2008 by degrassitv

The Exec posted a little info about the Opening Theme song yesterday.  Apparently they’re having a little trouble deciding which direction to go with it…


We’re still working on the opening… you will find that there are subtle (and not so subtle) homages to the past–think Season 5 but modernized!! The theme will definitely have a vocal track, and we are still trying to figure out whether to go with a male vocal (possibly with a female background) or a female vocal (possibly with a male background)… we’ve even had one of the cast members singing part of the theme.. looking forward to making the decisions and putting it all together!

btw to help figure out the timing of the opening before we actually shot it, the director did a quick mockup by using a camcorder to shoot some of our office staff (including my son Max) acting out the opening. After you see the real opening I’ll try to post that demo, you’ll find it pretty amusing!!!


If you’ve forgotten what the Season 5 opening/theme was like, you can view it here:


Blog Updates.

July 1, 2008 by degrassitv

I added a few things to the blog today.  On the right-hand column, I added a bunch of Degrassi websites, fansites, etc. that you can check out.  There’s also a search bar which will make it easier for you to browse through the blog if you’re looking for something specific like spoilers, news, etc.

Exec. Producer Post, 6/30/08

July 1, 2008 by degrassitv

Degrassi’s Executive Producer Stephen Stohn posted more news about Season 8’s filming over at the forums.  Apparently episode 808 and 809 (Lost in Love Parts 1 & 2) are going to be Valentine’s Day episodes.  I wonder who they’ll focus on, there’s so many options…

Tomorrow is a holiday in Canada, and we’ve been on hiatus–but back again on Wednesday shooting 808/809 (Lost in Love parts 1 and 2). Yes, you read right, 808/809. What happened to 807 you might ask?? well it will be shot next along with 810. We wanted 808/809 to be a two-parter (you’ll see when it gets aired) and so we wanted the same director to shoot both, hence the slightly odd scheduling… wait a minute–does the title Lost in Love remind anyone of Valentine’s Day??? hmmmm….

Degrassi Season 8 News, Pt. 1

June 30, 2008 by degrassitv

(To check out the other posts in this blog, click here.)

First off, if you aren’t aware, Degrassi has CONFIRMED there will be a season 8.  Here’s some of the current season 8 news so far from various sources (Exec’s posts on forums, videos on, etc.)  Most of them come from the Exec Producer Stephen Stohn’s posts in the “Shooting Season 3″ thread over at the message board.

***Tentatively, they’re looking at 18-22 episodes for the season.  As of today (June 30), filming for season 8 HAS currently been in progress.

Tentative Episode Titles (so far)

801 Uptown Girl–Part 1
802 Uptown Girl–Part 2
803 Fight The Power
804 Didn’t We Almost Have It All
805 Man With Two Hearts
806 With Or Without You

The Exec says the season premiere (Uptown Girl) takes place right before the school year, and hinted that it will involve Mia and Emma somehow.

***There will be a new opening sequence for Season 8.  They’re also looking at redoing the theme song by re-adding vocals to it.

We’re shooting the new Season 8 opening title sequence for Degrassi next week… we’ve just been planning and storyboarding the concept… and the director did a demo by using a MiniDV to tape some of the office staff pretending to be the actors, in various sets, just to get a quick sense of the length of each sequence, and how the final opening will look once the real filming happens and it’s all edited together… we’re toying with the idea of reintroducing the vocals to the music track… whatever it takes! ps for anyone who is interested in Janny, you’ll just have to keep watching… life sometimes delivers us twists and turns… what one day seems in one direction, may on a different day not look quite the same…


We’re going to try some different approaches to the theme song, maybe speed up the tempo and use a male voice or voices, don’t know if or how it will work, we’ll see… the shooting of the opening went really well today!


New characters will join the cast in Season 8.  Here’s a confirmed list of new actors/actresses casted for the upcoming season (character info to come later):

Jordan Hudyma
A.J. Saudin
Argiris Karris
Judy Jiao
Kevin Jubinville
Melinda Shankar
Sam Earle
Evan Williams
Aislinn Paul

Degrassi Airdate Schedule: The Rest of Season 7

June 30, 2008 by degrassitv

(As of June 30) Here’s the current airdate schedule for Degrassi Season 7:

CTV: All episodes have aired!

7/11, 8pm: Broken Wings (Ep. 719)
7/11, 8:30pm: Everything She Wants (Ep. 721)
7/18, 8pm: Ladies Night (Ep. 720)

7/25, 8pm: Don’t Stop Believing (Ep. 722) **
8/1, 8pm: If This Is It (Ep. 723)**
8/8, 8pm: We Built This City (Ep. 724)** SEASON FINALE

**Bolded episodes are confirmed airdates.  The ones with asterisks I’m not sure they’re exact, I’m just assuming they’ll continue airing consecutive weeks.