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Customer Care

More Than 400 Trained Customer Service Professionals

Ryla offers many solutions for live customer care. Our call center is staffed by a pool of more than 400 customer service professionals who are trained on the latest technology applications and equipped with custom software to fulfill any type of customer services need. We have the capacity to ramp-up to 1000+ agents for immediate service deployment.

Inbound Interactions for B2B and Consumers
When customers call, Ryla is equipped with technology solutions to make it easier to handle their calls. Ryla provides high-quality and personalized customer services and support for inbound customer interactions. For Level 1 customer contact, Ryla can triage incoming interactions and provide basic assistance and transfer the customer to your next escalation point. Our suite of inbound solutions includes:
  • Customer Service Support
  • Technical Support
  • Help Desk
  • ACD
  • Fax & Mail Support
  • Call Processing Services
  • Up Selling & Cross Selling
Outbound Interactions
When you need to proactively reach out to your customers and contacts for data verification, lead generation, appointment setting or surveys we have customized solutions to address your needs. Ryla can help with list segmentation, call scripts, customized data entry applications and triggers that result in highly qualified leads. Our data verification expertise is among the best in the business. We have extensive experience in contacting customers and creating high quality targeted customer profiles. Ryla can easily become an effective extension of your sales force. We drive performance through intelligent workforce management, quality monitoring, and performance incentive programs that result in high close rates and increased revenue. Our suite of outbound solutions includes:
  • Data Verification
  • Lead Generation and Qualification
  • Sales Support
  • Appointment Setting
  • Surveys
  • Follow-up Escalation Calls
  • Information Capture Call Tracking
  • Retention Programs
  • Automated Messaging
Automated Solutions
Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system allows customers to complete many transactions on their own by pressing buttons or speaking commands that correspond with the services they need. We route customers to the appropriate departments, with voice recognition services and text-to-speech services available. This results in targeted solutions, faster problem resolution and reduced costs for the client.

When you need to leave your customer a personalized message, our automated messaging solution will do that for you. We can leave each of your customers an automated message regarding their account, new service offerings, discounts available, service deadlines and so on.
  • Intelligent IVR (inbound & outbound)
  • Automated Messaging
Email & Web Chat
Today's customers demand access to services and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and in every channel of communication. Ryla provides service and support for both e-mail response and web chat. With some configuration our e-mail response management software can receive e-mail from your customers and automatically respond to and /or route the message to a certified Ryla customer service representative. When a detailed response is required, our ticketing system will assign a case number to ensure a timely and relevant response. We monitor chat queues and respond to each with the desired service level. At the end of each chat session, a transcript is generated and can be sent to the customer via email.
  • Email Response Management
  • Chat
  • Webinar Registrations