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Wear blue, thank you

Uclahat With the possible exception of Notre Dame's green alternates (which actually hasn't worked out too well for the Irish in recent years), it always seems lame when fans wear neutral colors or "alternates" that don't match the real school colors. This reminder went out in a UCLA fan e-mail this week ...

Show the Visitors Our Bruin Pride
Wear Blue!

We want to turn the Rose Bowl Bruin blue! Please do your part.

Season ticket holders received a complimentary official game day t-shirt in the mail. All fans can purchase small sizes of the official game day t-shirt at the marketing tables located on the Rose Bowl concourse prior to the games versus Tennessee and Arizona for just $15.

Bruin blue apparel is also available online or the UCLA Bookstore tent in Area H on game days.

Even if you don't wear the "official" game day shirt (we all know the well-loved, 10-year-old shirt is best anyway), just make sure to wear True Blue ... or Powder Blue, for you traditionalists.

—Adam Rose


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the jerseys we got are not powder blue. we look like cal in those comp. tshirts.

I am tired of our fans not representing. Lets show some Bruin Pride by wearing our True Blue color. I feel so disgusted everytime I see a fan in Mauve or Brown colored UCLA apparel at a game. The worse thing ever is seeing the opposing team representing their colors in our Rose Bowl. Represent UCLA by wearing the colors, so it doesn't look like we're playing in Knoxville. True Bruin forever!!!

Yeah wear BABY Blue and leave Dark Blue to the BIG BEARS!

Im with you DFlo.

Even though I do admit to owning a Pink UCLA hat, I wouldnt DARE wear it on game day! Blue and gold, baby!
Blame ASUCLA for the rainbow of colors....now, cross town at Figueroa Tech.. their student store only has two colors for sale. ....

So come on Bruins...if you forgot what True Blue looks like I will be happy to come over with my Pantone Color chart and show you.... and if you still cant get it right, I will have to confiscate your diploma and if you have season tickets, I'll have to confiscate those too!!


Well I guess being located in westwierd pastel colors is what it is all about, gee I herd they have some real bruts on the softball them.

Don't get me wrong I just love those colors big boys

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