claire_faginClaire M Fagin


Claire Fagin has blended an interest in consumer health with professional health and nursing issues, and is known for her efforts to create a new paradigm for access and quality.

Throughout her career in her native United States she has been involved in leading thinking and practice in nurse education, nursing policy, geriatric nursing, programme leadership and administration. Among the high points have been cutting edge programmes and schools at New York University and Lehman College.

She served as Dean of the School of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania from 1977 to 1992, when she left to do geriatric nursing research as a Scholar in Residence at the Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences. A year later she was asked to become Interim President of Penn , the first women to serve in that capacity with any Ivy League university.

She continued to focus on geriatric nursing after returning to the professoriate in 1994 and has done so ever since. She is currently completing five years as Director of the John A Hartford Foundation Program: Building Academic Geriatric Nursing Capacity, which is co-ordinated in Washington DC at the American Academy of Nursing (see

Claire is Leadership Professor Emerita and Dean Emerita at the University of Pennsylvania and has received 13 honorary doctoral degrees as well as the prestigious Honorary Recognition Award of the American Nurses Association. "My designation as a Fellow of RCN is one of my greatest pleasures," she adds.

She lives in New York.


Claire Fagin has published 15 authored/edited books and monographs, and more than 100 articles. These include book reviews, op-ed pieces, editorials, essays and letters in such journals and newspapers as American Journal of Nursing, American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, Journal of Public Health Policy, Transactions and Studies, Nursing and Health Care, and newspapers such as the New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Washington Post.

Some examples of publications include:

  • Fagin, C (1986) Consumerism and health: whose body is it anyway? Public Policy Perspectives, Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania.
  • Fagin, C (editor) (1990) Nursing leadership: global strategies New York: National League for Nursing.
  • Aiken, L and Fagin, C. (editors) (1991) Charting nursing's future: agenda for the 1990s, Philadelphia: JB Lippincott Company.
  • Baer, E; Fagin, C and Gordon, S (editors) (1996) The abandonment of the patient, New York: Springer Publishing Company.
  • Fagin, C (2000) Essays in nursing leadership, New York: Springer Publishing Company.
  • Fagin, C (2001) When care becomes a burden, New York: Milbank Memorial Fund.