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Amon Tobin's Homer is a Serious Head Trip

By Scott Thill EmailJuly 17, 2008 | 8:51:17 PMCategories: Legends, Music Software and Sites, People, Shows, Videos  


Looking for an official site that feels like a hyperspace jump, created for a sonic chameleon who freaks foley rooms and musical genres with ease? Hop on Amon Tobin's home page and feed your head.

The Brazilian mind-bender has been busy, and plans to get busier. He's releasing one exclusive track per month for the next six, and selling them strictly through his site. He's putting together the digital release of his Taxidermia soundtrack, as well as ephemera like mixes, ringtones and swag designs. In addition, Tobin is crowdsourcing user-created videos for a forthcoming DVD compilation.

Think you have what it takes to visualize one of the ultimate digital soundtrackers in the game? Roll it!