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Operating System
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Operating System Market Share   Bookmark and Share AddThis Feed ButtonAugust, 2008
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 Operating System  Total Market Share 
 View Trend Windows  90.66% 
 View Trend Mac  7.86% 
 View Trend Linux  0.93% 
 View Trend iPhone  0.30% 
 View Trend Playstation  0.04% 
 View Trend SunOS  0.01% 
 View Trend Nintendo Wii  0.01% 
 View Trend SCO  0.00% 
 View Trend OpenBSD  0.00% 
 View Trend NetBSD  0.00% 
 View Trend OpenVMS  0.00% 
 View Trend FreeBSD  0.00% 
 View Trend AIX  0.00% 
 View Trend HP-UX  0.00% 
 View Trend SCP  0.00% 
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