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BY CURT McKEEVER / Lincoln Journal Star

Sunday, Nov 12, 2006 - 12:11:51 am CST

1. Why did Zac Taylor hang onto the ball on that fourth-and-6 (play from the A&M 27-yard line in the second quarter instead of throwing it away?

Taylor did take a 10-yard sack. Fortunately for the Huskers, the defense forced a three-and-out, so it didn’t end up costing them anything.

“I knew they were bringing more than we could protect and I thought we’d have quick slants, but they covered it really well,” Taylor said. “I wanted to throw it, but you don’t want to throw into traffic and get a fluky interception, so then I just pulled it down and had to take a sack.”

2. Why didn’t the Huskers kick a 44-yard field goal in that situation instead and try to make it a three-score lead?

Probably because they were trying to deliver a knockout punch. That, and the fact Jordon Congdon’s longest three-pointer this season is a 40-yarder. He missed his only attempt longer than that (from 42 yards at Oklahoma State.)

“I really liked the play called. I didn’t question it, because it’s got three great options,” Taylor said. “Ideally, if there was a little more time on the play clock I should’ve got into a different play, but I thought we’d have a quick answer and be able to get it.”

3. We all know the Huskers plan their first offensive plays of the game. Do the coaches ever try that in the third quarter after seeing what the opposing defense presents?

There’s no 25-play script like there is for the start, but, yes, the coaches in the press box take notes.

“There’s plays you talk about at halftime that you’re gonna run, eventually,” Taylor said. “You might know the first play or two that you’ll come out with, but it’s not like it is at the beginning of the game. (It’s) based on what’s working.”

4. What was the mood on the NU sideline before the Huskers got the ball back to go on their game-winning touchdown drive?

We’ll keep this one short and sweet.

“Two minutes left,” Taylor said, “that’s nothing we’re afraid of.”

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