Smarter isn't better

The NYT reports: Research suggests being smart can be unhealthy for an animal in an article titled Smarter Isn’t Better.

It turns out that from an evolutionary standpoint being smarter can work against you. In the case of fruit flies it actually leads to a shorter rather than a longer life.

I suppose this explains why it's natural to want to hit people from Mensa over the head with a baseball bat.

Turning 3

This kid had a great birthday last week:


In other news, Spoonflower continues to pick up steam. I joined some friends for a fishing trip in Hot Springs over the weekend and didn't even take a fishing pole. Instead I had a massage and hottub soak at the spa across the street from the campground. How Brokeback Mountain is that? Oh, well. I can take it.

Muxed Up Mix Tape

Hmmm. Decided to try out Muxtape, (another) service for uploading and posting MP3 mixes. At the moment it does not work in Firefox (at least in the Windows version of Firefox), but it seems to work fine in IE. It is also badly in need of help from a designer.

Take a listen to my mix, or subscribe (rss).

Spoonflower logo?

If you happen to be a crafter-type, perhaps you'll weigh in with a vote for your favorite Spoonflower logo?

Lucienne Boyer

Parlez Moi d'Amour [buy it]
A friend just wrote to ask about a song that appeared (several years ago) on a mix-CD that my wife and I gave to friends who attended our wedding reception. It was "Parlez Moi d'Amour," a wistful, sentimental tune from the 1930's.

Have I mentioned that I am working on a new business venture? It's exciting. Stay tuned.

Know any crafty types?

Spoonflowerbackground Do you know any quilting or sewing fanatics? I'm trying to get feedback from crafty, DIY-types about a new service for creating and printing custom fabric designs. If you or someone you know loves fabrics and making things, you would be doing me a big favor by sending them over to to take my (very short) survey.

Geek Infancy

Commodore_64_540x359 I remember well the heated debates between myself and my 7th-grade classmates as to the relative superiority of the Commodore 64 vs the Apple IIe (CNET article).

I was a Commodore 64 owner, complete with cassette-tape drive. And weren't all my debates then heated?

In case you missed it on Facebook

Phoebe Alice Fraser was born last Monday, December 3. She's a sweetheart, but seems to have come down with her sister's cold this week. Phoebe is a name we both liked (see previous post), and Alice was my father's mother's name.

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