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Dream Team 80's

8.06   Stonegate

written by Ben Harris

Sunday 21st November 2004

Jaws senses that his marriage is in trouble, and confides in Ryan. That's the Ryan who's sleeping with Jaws' wife. And a hospitalised Clyde decides to sell his story.


Clyde is lying bloodied and bruised at the hands of Frank. Frank legs it before anyone catches him and just in time too, Ryan and Chelsea emerge from the empty room to find the poor lad in excruciating pain. Ryan calls Don and tells him what's happened and Don seems more worried about the story being leaked to the press rather than the condition of Clyde.

At the hospital Clyde is told he has suffered minor injuries and will only be out of action for about a week. Clyde however isn't worried about how long he is going to be out for, he wants justice for what Frank did to him. Don calls an emergency meeting with the team to ensure that the press don't hear anything from the lads about what happened and when Clyde gets word of this secret meeting, he sneaks out of hospital and to the stadium to see what's going on behind his back. Clyde shares what happened with him and Frank after the Barca game with the rest of the dressing room and needless to say the lads are shocked that a teammate could do that to another, leaving Frank even more unpopular with the team. Clyde is brought back to hospital and after his first disappearing act, Dean stays with him to keep watch.

The next day the rest of the team go and visit Clyde in hospital. He preaches to them that the club has been took over by a couple of bullies in Don and Frank and that this is no longer the club that they fought for last season and that they must get rid of Don to stop the bullying. The team agree that they are not fans of Don's methods but wonder how they can get rid of him. Don and Frank show up at the hospital and between them have thought up a scenario to get the team back on their side again. They both give Oscar winning performances including a seemingly heart felt apology from Frank and before Clyde knows it, the team are urging him to shake his hand and move on. Clyde can't believe what he's hearing and orders everyone out of his room.

Meanwhile Ryan seems to have got cold feet over his affair with Chelsea. He can't help but think of the precautions if Viv ever found out. Chelsea however doesn't see it that way and thinks now that Ryan has slept with her then he's got all he ever wanted. Before leaving the room she tells Ryan that she thought she was falling in love with him, leaving Ryan devastated.

Back at Ryan's, Clyde arrives home from hospital and switches on the T.V to find out that Frank is back training with the team as if nothing has happened leaving Clyde furious that the matter has been swept under the carpet. He gets up and goes to see Eli to let him know what has been going on at the club he owns. After being made to wait for hours only to be told that Eli isn't even in the country, Dean shows up to take him home and offers a sympathetic ear. Clyde soon finds out that Dean's intentions are not so genuine and that he is only with Clyde to make sure he doesn't go to the press. Clyde storms out and gives the press a statement detailing the events after the Barca game and needless to say Barker's furious.

After Clyde overstays his welcome at the bar in the stadium he heads to a lap dancing club just looking for someone that will sit down and talk with him. Barker spots this and sees it as a chance to bring Clyde down a level. The next day, a few hours before kick off Don gets the lap dancer Clyde was with the night before to come in and tell her story to a reporter about how Clyde was with her until the early hours of the morning before a match. Knowing Clyde is both mentally and physically unfit, Barker still insists on playing him in the game against Gillingham. At half time and with Harchester losing 1-0, Ryan takes Chelsea aside to tell her that his feelings are mutual and he loves her too.

Harchester end up losing the game 2-0 with Clyde's below par performance standing out. After the game Don asks Clyde to do the press conference with him to close the matter once and for all, knowing that he will get ripped to shreds by the reporter that knew about him being with a lap dancer the night before a game. Barkers plan goes accordingly and Clyde is humiliated in front of the press resulting in him slipping deeper and deeper into depression.



Music Tracks

Beyonce Knowles Feat. Jay-Z: "Crazy In Love"
Frans Ferdinand: "Take Me Out"
Radiohead: "No Surprises"
Goldfrapp: "Strict Machine"
Goldtrix & Andrea Brown: "It's Love (Trippin');Flatline's Wacarla Vocal Mix"
Apollo Four Forty: "Altamont Super-Highway Revisited"
Apollo Four Forty: "Stealth Mass In F#m"
Republica: "Ready to Go"
Rob Dougan: "Clubbed to Death"
Gary Jules: "Mad World"
Rasmus: "In The Shadows"
Fatboy Slim: "Right Here, Right Now"