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Gajendra Pith

Elephant Plinth

Photo Gallery

India's legacy of love and reverence for nature is found in the Vedic mantras. Our great rishis and ancestors lived in
the lap of nature’s bounty. They coexisted with the forces of nature and all its wealth of animals and plants.
We, the people of India, are nature lovers, preserving and offering respect to its denizens. Indian lore
vividly depicts this wonderful relationship, which is eloquently reflected in our culture and way of life.

The Gajendra Pith is a unique, captivating feature of Swaminarayan Akshardham mandir. It pays tribute to elephants, symbolizing the entire animal kingdom. Sculptured according to the ancient shilpa shastras of India it is ornately carved in pink stone, stretching for 1,070 ft and featuring stories and legends of elephants with nature, man and God. Every panel reflects the messages of social harmony, peace and spiritual faith.

The Gajendra Pith, weighing 3,000 tons, has 148 full-sized elephants, 42 birds and animals, 125 human sculptures and decorative stone backdrops of trees, creepers and royal palaces.

Gajendra Pith is presented in three categories:

Elephant and Nature
In the lap of India’s lush jungles elephants frolic and live in their elements.

Elephant and Man
For thousands of years a unique relationship exists between man and elephant.

Elephant and the Divine
Wonderful stories illustrated in stone of elephants with God.

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