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“All things are yours…you belong to Christ… and Christ, the unique foundation, belongs to God”. (1 Cor. 3:1-23)


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Most Reverend Randolph A. Brown         Most Reverend Marcelo Pires de Olivera


Most Reverend Andre’ J. W. Queen, SCR                   Most Reverend Raymond Sawyer (Ret.)




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The Catholic Apostolic National Church is a Catholic Family of Faith, based within the United States. We are a sacramental church, embracing the fullness of Christianity as expressed within Catholic understanding. We stand, holding fast to the teachings of the ancient faith, in a modern society that is often hostile, towards Christians in general and Catholics in particular, and choose to obey the timeless message of Christ rather than yield to the "Spirit of the Age".


By reaching out via the Internet, we hope to be able to help get the message of the Good News of Jesus Christ to the far reaches of the world. Please feel free to visit the various pages on our site. We hope that they will be a blessing to you and answer any questions that you may have. For information on us, and updates on Mass times and locations, please email us at:


The Catholic Apostolic National Church is not part of the Roman Catholic Church.  We are part of the “St. Carlos of Brazil Family of Churches” and enjoy permanent communion with the Patriarch, His Beatitude, Dom Luis Fernando Castillo-Mendez. Our parishes use the ancient pre-Vatican II liturgy as our normative liturgy, and express Catholic worship and practice in a conservative, traditional manner.  In a society that rewards collaboration and moral relativism, we maintain our faith, unrelenting in our profession of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We live our faith in our everyday lives, and welcome you to join us and do the same.


The Faith, Theology, Liturgy, and Practices of the Catholic Apostolic National Church are both ancient and Catholic. The Catholic Apostolic National Church was established to maintain that ancient faith and holy worship, in a society that seeks to minimize and marginalize God's place in our lives today. Come and join us, as we practice the faith of our fathers. Dominus vobiscum. Email us at:



Bishops Josivaldo Oliveira de Pereira, Andre J.W. Queen, SCR, Marcelo Pires de Oliveira,

Archbishop Robert M. Gubala, SCR, and His Beatitude, Dom Luis Fernando Castillo-Mendez, Patriarch


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