The Real Bottlenecking Co. was the first to offer, beginning in 1985, a re-creation of the legendary Coricidin® medicine bottle for serious slide players.  A true American original, the classic Coricidin Guitar Slide™ is not only the first and finest available anywhere, it's also a legend in guitar history, used by generations of bluesmen and made famous by Duane Allman, who used it throughout his career.

And, as an accomplished slide guitar player who has studied and played with the legends of the music world for the past three decades, including the Muscle Shoals Rythym Section -- the same musicians who played with Duane Allman -- Scott "Blue" Bernstein is unique among sellers of medicine bottle slides. Others have tried to imitate, but have never duplicated, the Original Coricidin Guitar Slide™.  Not only was Scott the FIRST, but Scott Bernstein KNOWS slides and slide guitars; he not only plays, but he knows and has played with the best of the best.


Each Coricidin Guitar Slide™ is hand-made from Pyrex® and subjected to quality control procedures that ensure a perfect glass slide in every package.  Real Bottlenecking's slide is hand-lathed from Pyrex® on a glass-lathing machine, then each slide is torched and annealed in a specialized oven.  The result is actually an improvement on the original bottle: Real Bottlenecking's slide is seamless (the original bottle was molded and had two seams), highly break-resistant, yet retains the warm tone and incredible sustain that built the legend.


The Real Bottlenecking Company is also unique in offering not just the "Classic" Original Coricidin Guitar Slide, true to the weight and dimensions of the original Coricidin medicine bottle, but also a "Heavyweight Classic", which uses a thicker Pyrex that adds weight -- without significantly altering the bottle's dimensions -- ideal for acoustic slide players or those who prefer a slide with just a bit more heft.

We also stand apart by offering different-size openings on our slides, because your hands are not like everybody else's.  The inside diameter of the opening of each slide -- the Classic and the Heavyweight Classic -- is available in three sizes: Small (18mm.); Original (20mm.); and Large (22 mm.), without affecting the price.  The Classic and Heavyweight Classic with the "Original" opening retain the dimensions of the original Coricidin bottles; players whose hands that are smaller or larger than average, should simply choose the "small" or "large" opening, but the slide otherwise retains the dimensions or the Corididin medicine bottle.

Finally, The Real Bottlenecking Company stands alone in offering players not only the clear medicine bottle slide -- identical to the original Coricidin bottle -- but also a choice of six vivid colors, BLACK, WHITE, RED, BLUE, YELLOW, and TURQUOISE.