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Sonny accuses Jason of blaming him for Michael's shooting but Jason simply states that they are all to blame. Jax says goodbye to Michael. Sonny and Carly share a slight connection over their loss as they ride in the ambulance with Michael on the way to his new permanent care facility. Jason visits the facility and leaves the book on Africa he used to read to Michael as a baby. Jax offers to accompany Kate to a business function.

Jerry visits Claudia and Anthony, wanting the downtown piers. Anthony explains they belong to Trevor, and wants to do no business with Jerry. Ric warns Jerry away from Alexis. Anthony tells Ric he needs to do whatever it takes to earn Claudia's trust, including sleeping with her if need be. Claudia later yells at Jerry for surprising her at her house. She tells him they need to convince Jason to kill Anthony, and then Claudia can easily get the piers for Jerry. Jerry's reaction is surprising – he stabs Claudia!

Nikolas checks out early, to Nadine's chagrin. Nikolas doesn't deny Nadine's accusation that he wants to get back to Wyndemere so that he can be reminded of Emily.

Spinelli, who is trying to impress Maxie, is miserable when she sings the praises of her new male designer friend in Manhattan.