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The Beckoning Lady (1953)
Also published as The Estate of the Beckoning Lady (US).

A pall is cast over Minnie and Tonker Cassands' Midsummer party when Uncle William Faraday dies unexpectedly, only a week before the great day. In the midst of their sorrow, his friends still must come together, but it is the discovery of a body near The Beckoning Lady, Minnie and Tonker's house in rural Essex, by Lugg and Campion's young son Rupert which puts a bizarre series of events into motion. Who, aside from the obvious, would want to kill an inspector from the Inland Revenue?

This is a story filled with old friends and new acquaintances, each acquitting themselves admirably, and some touches, like the communication between Campion and a representative of the MOLE via flowers and Rupert's parrotted phrases are worth every moment. In the final analysis, this is one party which you will not want to see come to an end.



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Read by Francis Matthews, star of radio and television, who portrayed Campion in the BBC radio adaptation of 'More Work for the Undertaker'. Complete and unabridged.

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