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August 25th, 1956

What is Islam?

IT CAN BE ANSWERED in one word (righteousness). Briefly, it is the religion of Allah (God) Himself of whom Allah (God) is the author.

Islam, the religion of Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (the last). Islam the religion of entire submission to the will of Allah (God). ISLAM is the religion of which the Holy Quran teaches.

Allah (God) says: "This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed my favor on you, and chosen for you Islam as a religion (Chapter 5:3). Allah (God) also says in another chapter of the Holy Quran: "Surely the true religion with Allah is Islam," (Chapter 3:18).

The significance of the name "Islam" is peace, the true religion.

It is a religion of eternal peace. We can't imagine Allah (God) offering to us a religion other than one of peace. A religion of peace coming to the righteous after the destruction of the wicked is also mentioned in several places in the Bible read (Psalms 29:11), "The Lord will bless His people (so-called Negroes) with peace Islam)"; also, the Lord of Peace give you peace always (II Thess. 3:16).

Islam is the religion referred to in the above - mentioned Biblical verses. It is the only religion that gives the believer a peace of mind and contentment. It removes grief and fear at once on believing: "Yes, whoever submits himself entirely to Allah, and he is the doer of good to others, he has his reward from his Lord, and there is no fear for him, nor shall he grieve" (Holy Quran 2:112).

ALLAH INVITES to the abode of peace (Holy Quran 10:25). Can you imagine a divine prophet being sent with any thing other than a religion of peace to his people?

As Mr. Muhammad Ali says in the preface of the Holy Quran (Reference, page 6) on Islam: Peace is, therefore, the essence of Islam, being the root from which it springs and the fruit it yields, and Islam is thus pre-eminently the "Religion of Peace."

Our people, the so-called American Negroes, will love Islam when they learn more of it. For it is the religion of their fathers, and it is the last of the three great religions of earth. The other two, Buddhism and Christianity can not give us a lasting peace. We have tried them to our disappointment.

Christianity is one of the most perfect black slave-making religions on our planet. It has killed the so-called Negroes completely mentally.

Now it takes Allah (God) Himself to revive ' and restore our people back into their own. Though, I am His Messenger, and Allah can use my life as He pleases for them. They are my people and many lives  while I am only one life.

ISLAM WILL give them the heaven while they live. Islam has more to offer than the white-controlled Christianity. Islam is universal.

The true believers of Islam equal in number that of the total population of the whites on our planet (400,000,000).

By nature all members of the black nation are Muslims (lovers of peace) of whose number is over the billion mark.

We must have Islam as our religion to restore our peace after suffering under the slavery, persecutors and the grievous of ware for 6,000 years. The so-called Negroes of America never known the way of peace, no love or mercy was ever shown to them, have today Allah (God).

THE GOD of mercy on their side in the religion of Islam, freedom, justice and equality.

But they are so dumb to it that it hurts my very heart. I am not surprised at what disbelievers think and say of me, but when a supposed Brother Muslim joins the disbelievers in what I write, then I am surprised.

For no true Muslim will speak against another Muslim to the delight of the disbelieving people of Allah and His Prophets and religion of Islam. If your door today is open to all which include human devils whom Allah is angry with and threaten them with total destruction I leave it to Allah to judge between you and me.

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