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Phone numbers for reporting hazards

Brisbane City Council 3403 8888 (24/7)
Energex 13 12 53
Police 000 in emergency or your local station

magpie Magpies

Magpies are a protected species. See the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) information on them

From the EPA:
"The magpie nesting season is loosely around July to December with peak nesting occurring between August and September. Each individual magpie swoops for around six to eight weeks, this is when young are present in the nest."

Michael Langdon has done some research into to how to protect yourself from magpie attack. To see what he discovered read his article When Magpies Attack.

Send in your reports to Bicycle Queensland we will post them here and forward them to the Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service so everyone can be prepared.

Google map pinpointing the location of known swooping magpies.

Follow link to a larger version of this map to see all magpies listed.

Magpie Alerts: 2006

Some or most of these locations may be current for spring 2007. Please let us know if any of these locations are definitely free of swooping magpies.


Particularly vicious magpie, swoops between cnr Mackintosh Street and Torwood Street, Auchenflower, all the way down Torwood, across Milton Road, down Eagle Terrace, round to Camford Street even under the railway bridge.seems to give up by the time you get out the other side of the railway bridge. Attacks riders going in both directions. Is relentless, drawn blood, on two separate occasions.
(reported 21 Sept 06)


Old Logan Rd, 100m before the Caltex Servo coming from Springfield. The bird has been recently harassed by Council works on the foot path and has changed it's behaviour. It used to give a simple tap on the helmet once or twice, now it hovers by the side of your head and continually bashes the helmet. Attacks the ears and eyes if you don't wear sunnies or spectacles.
(reported 22 Sept 06)


East end of Hargreaves Ave, as it meets the river. This fellow was there last year and is serious in his attacks.
(reported 22 Sept 06)


Coburg Street, east of Wellington Street Magpie attacking once or twice in 100m or so.
(reported 11 Aug 06)

Everton Park

The tree/nest site is on the Western Side of South Pine Road Everton Park where the lights are to enter the Harvey Norman/ Anaconda. It's an aggressive bird who took chunks out of my helmet and came in at least 7 times and made contact each time.
(reported 8 Sept 06)

South Brisbane

Magpie in the poincianas on the South Bank side of the Goodwill Bridge and attacks about Sidon St near Memorial Park between Grey St and the Goodwill Bridge. The bird has drawn blood.
(reported 14 Sept 05)