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Tyrannosaur Skin Impression Found In Alberta

D. Tanke

Re: Tess Owen tyrannosaur skin find. I rocksawed that one out myself. Several sandstone blocks nearby contained tyrannosaurid dorsal ribs, astragalus, gastralia, vertebrae, limb bone impressions. The block with the playing card-sized patch of skin had a tyrannosaur gastral rib and partial ?ilium impression right next to it. There were no other types of dinosaur bones in the immediate area (just S.W. of Edmonton, Alberta). The astragalus was sawed out and I prepared it. Measurements from it compared to the T. rex in Tyrrell galleries indicated the "skin impression tyrannosaur" (as its come to be known locally) was 76% the size of the rex in our (Tyrrell) museum. I noticed a comment in an earlier digest that mentioned tyrannosaur skin from near or from the tail, and I'm not sure if that is referring to our specimen. The skin impression I sawed out was not directly attached or associated to any articulated remains- the skeleton was disarticulated, so actual region of body placement would be impossible now. Phil Currie told me there is tyrannosaur skin at the National Museum in Ottawa and I've seen some at [the] M[useum ]O[f the ]R[ockies] in Bozeman, Montana. The Edmonton sample was the best of the three. I had a hard time convincing people here at Tyrrell that it was tyrannosaur skin- I guess they were expecting something quite different. Our tyrannosaur skin specimen looks much like the small beaded pattern found in hadrosaurs.

Revised March 25, 1996