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Last Updated: September 7, 2008 7:34 PM

ALICE IN CHAINS To Enter Studio In October - Sep. 5, 2008
ALICE IN CHAINS will enter the studio in October to begin recording its first all-new studio effort since 1995's self-titled third album. According to an online posting by The Baldy — whose job is "to travel the world with ALICE IN CHAINS and send photos, videos and blog entries back to [the webmasters] at" — "the guys gathered in a rehearsal studio in North Hollywood for the last few days of July and the first few days of August, and began running through the new material and shaking off the rust. After four days of going through the songs alone, the producer for the upcoming record joined the guys and they spent another three days polishing and spit-shining the songs together. A lot was accomplished in that week, and everyone is eager to move forward."

Before the band begins recording, the guys will head over to Peoria, Arizona to join their good friends DEFTONES at KUPD's End of Summer Scorcher on September 20. After the concert, the band will also spend a few more days in pre-production rehearsals working on material before commencing the actual tracking process.

In a spring 2008 interview with The Pulse of Radio, ALICE IN CHAINS guitarist Jerry Cantrell confirmed that he, bassist Mike Inez, drummer Sean Kinney and new singer William DuVall have been writing songs for months, but explained that they're not rushing to start recording. "We've been working about the last four months, and there's a good bulk of music and a good body of work so far, and we're having fun, and you know, we're taking our time and trying to figure out where William fits in and where we need to step up, and I have all the confidence in the world in the guys," he said. "The most important thing to me is that we're all together and, you know, it's been a tough and painful experience at times, but it's been very rewarding at the same time."

ALICE IN CHAINS officially regrouped in early 2006 after a 10-year absence with DuVall stepping in for late frontman Layne Staley, who died in 2002.

The group did its own headlining tour in the summer and fall of 2006, followed by a 2007 co-headlining jaunt with VELVET REVOLVER.

Watch ALICE IN CHAINS performing "Man In the Box" live at Germany's Rock Am Ring 2006:

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posted by : hippieshateslayer
9/5/2008 4:44:59 AM


posted by : FIBBZ
9/5/2008 4:45:28 AM

this is totally wrong no Layne, no Alice in Chains

COMMENT | no buying it
posted by : bhaal76
9/5/2008 4:53:39 AM


COMMENT | Layne was great...........
posted by : reub the rocker
9/5/2008 6:17:06 AM

.................but he gave up on life, he gave up on Alice In Chains and he gave up on his fans, I have nothing but respect fo the guys in Alice In Chains, the new guy is great and I can't wait for the new album, why should the rest of the guys disband such a great band, let such a distinct type of sound die out with Layne, his death was sad, but why kill the whole band off?, that atttude sucks and if Layne could he'd tell you so himself, Alice In Chains should live on!
Best of luck Alice In Chains!!

COMMENT | Damn...
posted by : ThisIsMyUsername
9/5/2008 6:44:41 AM

I'm glad the group is moving forward with new music but a big part of me wishes they would just rename the band. I would've preferred if they moved on as a trio rather than have that poseur singing. He's alright at best.

posted by : skitzy dude
9/5/2008 6:47:12 AM

I'm a big AIC fan, lets get that clear. But all this "No Layne = No AIC" bullshit really gets up me. Layne was the Jim Morrison of the 90's; a self destructive attention seeker who was happily riding down the path to self destruction. He did this to himself!! Yes, his vocals and lyrics were a big part of what mades AIC's sound, but that was only one thing in the band.
Jerry's guitars and lyrics made up an even bigger part of the band, and if it was Jerry who went down that path of self destruction then there would be a bigger reason to never reform AIC.

The new AIC is different, but I'm sure they will make a great album that will be better than Jerry's solo albums. I never really dug them. There were some sweet songs (Anger Rising being the best) but the rest just never hooked me in

COMMENT | awesome!!!
posted by : Metal Gimp
9/5/2008 6:48:51 AM

I hope this album is a fitting testament to Layne.... some more sludgy, dirge, bitter and cynical tunes please AiC!!!

posted by : bigmonkeydope
9/5/2008 8:02:04 AM

This is the biggest fuckin sorry i grew up with alice in chains since alittle damn kid about 90 facelift.

there is no aic without layne...even though jerry's just as much of a's not the same.

posted by : bigmonkeydope
9/5/2008 8:05:25 AM

JERRY CANTRELL is only person who can sing sorta like umm lol yea just get him to sing and write some kick ass tunes and he might have a decent record.

posted by : steve_oz_49
9/5/2008 8:06:48 AM

ENOUGH with the "no layne" bullshit already! FUCK!!!!!!!!!! It's not like Layne is coming back anytime soon. Sean and Jerry WAITED for Layne for years to clean himself up. He couldn't beat his sickness and the end of his days are tragic. They are NOT replacing Layne..... they are MOVING ON just as MANY MANY other bands have..... AC/DC and Metallica moved on as well (as have many others). So get over it, Alice In Chains is going to put out a new CD and if you don't like it, don't buy it. I will wait patiently and welcome the new addition to the collection with open ears.

COMMENT | Great!!
posted by : eradio
9/5/2008 8:10:57 AM

This is awesome...Jerry can do this...Did anyone here his solo CD? He can sing...if William DuVall and him blend well vocally and the songs are not forced, should be some good stuff....Can't wait!

COMMENT | fuck the haters
posted by : discreet
9/5/2008 8:18:42 AM

i can't wait for this.

i saw AIC twice with the new singer, once at nokia theater in nyc and another time opening up for velvet revolver (what is the deal with that?). they rocked both times. the new singer has a great sound and stage presence, and he is not an imitator, he doesnt try to sound like layne.

layne was awesome, and its a shame he died. however, the rest of the band should be able to play the music that they created and love. i think they will probably release a great new album. we'll see.

COMMENT | Hate the new guy!
posted by : uh huh
9/5/2008 8:27:58 AM

Ya know, I want them to continue. I love Alice In Chains and I don't see any reason why they can't do it without Layne. Except for the fact that the "new singer" is fucking terrible. Since when does "he can't sing the songs right" turn into "he's not an immitator"? If the guy doesn't have the right voice to sing the back catalog, why the hell is he in Alice In Chains? Jerry's solo album sounded more like AIC than this ass clown does. The whole thing is just a big disappointment!

COMMENT | fuck
posted by : bigmonkeydope
9/5/2008 8:33:59 AM

Coming from long time alice in chains fan....i would rather just jerry sing lead...and maybe bassist or some shit doing backing vocals every so often or something....i would like to hear him play more guitar solos you bastard ass just write some shit you feel.

COMMENT | Basically
posted by : bigmonkeydope
9/5/2008 8:38:03 AM

if jerry isnt gonna sing...then he might aswell not even call it alice in chains because it's not.

That's like trying to reform pantera with another guitarist LOL that shit aint gonna happen he was the main draw in pantera for me well guitar/vocal chemistry*

but same for alice in chains guitar/vocal chemistry*

I think it's just a band that should be left alone and not ruin it's legacy.

But if jerry insist then he should be lead vocalist end of fuckin story.

COMMENT | Couldn't they have gotten a better singer?
posted by : theplumber
9/5/2008 9:05:28 AM

Their replacement for Layne is such a big disappointment- no power or finesse that Layne had. Plus what's up with his shrill sounding voice and hitting some of the notes out of tune? Bad bad.

COMMENT | No liking this
posted by : Linda_San
9/5/2008 9:39:50 AM

I am just not liking this singer. I couldn't watch this whole video. I hope he sounds better on other songs or the new material. Let's hope.

COMMENT | Jerry & Co.
posted by : rous
9/5/2008 9:43:42 AM

I'm also getting really tired of all of this "move on" and "use a different name" type of crap. I'm sure there are many nostalgiac reasons to keep the name, but also business ones. Look how many years they spent building the name of AIC. Why lose that? Start over with a new name and hope that people (other than AIC fans) figure out who you are by your 3rd album. It just doesn't make any sense, unless you have the undying support of your record label that they will promote the shit out of you, which no one does anymore unless it's a boy band or a reality show winner. And it doesn't really matter if fans have a problem with the name. If it's right for the 3 of them, then that's all that matters. Do you think Jerry et al really give a shit about blabberwhiners saying they should change their name because it will ruin some kind of legacy of the band in their own head? Of course not. And the comment of not sounding like Layne, gimme a break. If they hired a singer that sounded exactly like him they'd get raked over the coals even more. Maybe this guy has really good songwriting ability, and gels well with Jerry's style of writing. Remember, he was in Jerry's band before, so he knows him really well. Why go through months of crappy auditions to find the "perfect guy" when you have a proven musician who's a good buddy?

I loved Layne's voice. Mad Season is one of my all time favourite albums, and so are all the AIC albums, but if they want to move on with or without the name, that's their call, and I respect that. I'm looking forward to hearing the new stuff.

posted by : bigmonkeydope
9/5/2008 9:54:05 AM



COMMENT | Cornell
posted by : Jack Bauer
9/5/2008 9:59:33 AM

Alice in Chains should have merged with Chris Cornell. How great would that have been?

posted by : bigmonkeydope
9/5/2008 10:04:41 AM

jerry cantrell can sing better than chris cornell anyday i that that fuckin dudes voice.

COMMENT | rous
posted by : steve_oz_49
9/5/2008 10:33:02 AM

well said

COMMENT | Hay que ser objetivos al momento de escuchar este nuevo disco!!!
posted by : Fredys Guandique
9/5/2008 10:48:02 AM

Amo esta banda, pero el vacío dejado con la muerte L. Stanley es muy difícil de llenar. Vale la pena--por su respetada trayectoria--escuchar esta nueva propuesta, pero hay que ser bien conscientes de que el Alice in Chains de Stanley no volverá jamas...

Saludos... y larga vida al metal!!!

posted by : SouthernGreat1
9/5/2008 10:49:40 AM

The singer needs stage presents. It looks kind of out of place.

COMMENT | layne
posted by : BSlash24
9/5/2008 10:55:14 AM

Layne was great, very ballsy, but yeah, he died, these guys are just trying to move along. The new guy can sing for sure, saw him open for VR. Weither they can write is another thing, its gonna be tough for them to break through on radio etc, but least they are out there.

posted by : AmericanMetalHead
9/5/2008 10:55:24 AM

This is great news, looking forward to it.

COMMENT | Great news indeed.
posted by : RiotAct666
9/5/2008 11:18:13 AM

Really look forward to some new AIC.

COMMENT | Idiots!
posted by : br00talized
9/5/2008 11:26:39 AM

Don't bash the new guy cause he was having a hard time singing Lanes vox. He clearly has a lower range. The new material will be the true test.

posted by : valeriebertinelliscrotch
9/5/2008 11:35:48 AM

This guy SUCKS, Im all for AIC carrying on, but goddamn, at least get someone who can sing.

posted by : MrEplayR
9/5/2008 12:49:07 PM

posted by : FIBBZ
9/5/2008 4:45:28 AM

this is totally wrong no Layne, no Alice in Chains

Explain then why AC/DC is still continuing on.

COMMENT | He Sounds Awful
posted by : Demented D
9/5/2008 2:12:20 PM

I'm not on board for new Alice In Chains with vocals like that.

COMMENT | reub the rocker
posted by : God Damn It!
9/5/2008 4:01:59 PM


COMMENT | stop it already, you moronic haters!
posted by : detective Rosanegra
9/5/2008 4:23:44 PM

this "no Layne no AIC" bullshit is getting tired, just like the mentioning of Cliff in every bass-related-Metallica news.

posted by : Grusome
9/5/2008 4:56:05 PM

i'm glad that they are making a new album but without layne will be odd but its selfish for people to say no layne no alice ijerry was lead singer as well give him and the new guy a chance before you bash

posted by : LIFER
9/5/2008 6:35:35 PM

You people are so dumb. Jerry, Mike and Sean can do whatever the fuck they want. What the fuck has it got to do with any of you wasters? First day buyer. Its gonna be good.

COMMENT | Alice in Chains is one of my all-time favorite bands, but...
posted by : travyss
9/5/2008 11:22:45 PM

This singer just doesn't fit. First, his looks and second, his vocal style and range for singing Alice in Chains songs aren't appropriate. The guy has a good voice that would fit in many alternative bands though. It's not quite right for AIC, that's all.

Guys like Scott Stapp or The Calling's singer would have been a better choice. Even better, Cantrell singing alone.

For me, Alice in Chains died the day Layne passed away.

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