News archive 1998-2001


Update 8/23/01...Androgyny video shot this week in London !
From Mushroom records...
" Garbage have completed shooting their latest videoclip, for the new single Androgyny, in London this week. You can expect to see the clip on your telly sometime around the second week of September. "
The video is directed by Australian-born, but London based Don Cameron, whose previous efforts include Moloko's "Indigo" and Blur's "Music Is My Radar" clips.

Update 8/15/01...Shirley..." I finally feel part of Garbage "
Acorrding to NME, Shirley in the currant issue of Q Magazine talks about her work/imput on the new album.

Update 7/23/01... Lawsuit settled !
Just in from suit between Shirley and Radioactive Records was just settled today !
The new album will be released as planned !

Update 7/18/01...Shirley on cover of Crossbeat Magazine !
Here`s a look at three pics... cover shirley band

Update 7/11/01...Garbage to team up with Missy Elliott !
According to NME, Garbage are working with Missy Elliott on a single for the new album.

Update 6/29/01... The new Garbage album..." BeautifulGarbage " out October 2nd !
Click here to read more !

Update 6/8/01...Alternative Press interview !
You can read the A.P interview with Shirley here !

Update 5/17/01...Shirley on cover of Alternative Press !
Here`s a look at the cover of the July issue of Alternative Press Magazine !

Update 5/15/01...Garbage Sued For Copyright Infringement !
Garbage, Almo Sounds, and several of their publishing companys have been sued for copyright infringement over
the song " I Think I`m Paranoid ".

Update 4/30/01...New album title is " BeautifulGarbage " ( all one word )
This just in from Mixing has begun on the third Garbage album " BeautifulGarbage "
The release date is slated for late this summer !!!

Update 4/12/01...Garbage Scores Minor Victory in Suit Against UMG !
A Judge in LA`s Superior Court ruled Tuesday that the Lawsuit against UMG must stay in California !

Update 3/30/01...Henley, Petty, Love Urge Artists To Fight The Labels` Power.
The Recording Artists Coalition with almost 60 members plan to raise funds to lobby Washington for Artists rights !!

Update 3/20/01...Shirley in Gear Magazine...
In this months Gear magazine Shirley talks about the new album and more !

Update 2/28/01...UMG ( Universal Music Group ) gets sued again !!
However this time it`s by Courtney Love of Hole. Check out this article taken off the news wire !

Update 2/10/01...Butch Vig curator of art show !
Butch was invited by to put together a guest exhibit called " Remixing Art ".
He hand picked 18 photos out of over 500 to be displayed. You can see the photos here !

Update 1/31/01... Garbage files suit against UMG, Radioactive and MORE !!!!
It`s all over the Music News Wire today...Garbage filed suit this Monday ( 1/29 ) against The Universal Music Group ( UMG ), Radioactive Records, MCA Records, MCA Canada, and more !!! YEAH !!! Time to kick some ASS !!!!!!
Here`s two article`s I snagged and threw on a page real quick for more info !

...2/2/00... Read the third paragraph of this Rolling Stone article !

Update 1/28/01... Garbage and Mushroom Records STILL together !!!
I just received two very nice emails from two of my sources at Mushroom...
A quote from one email..." Festival/Mushroom and Garbage are still VERY much together. "
They both tell me Mushroom is in the middle of a hectic restructuring right now and Garbage simply haven`t been added to the new site yet but will be very soon !

Update 1/27/01... Garbage/Mushroom Records break up ?
Mushroom Records in Australia just launched their new web site and Garbage are not listed anywhere on the site.
I`m still waiting to hear from my source at Mushroom to confirm or deny the break up.
Currently, Mushroom`s UK site still list`s Garbage, however I think that will change soon.

also...Interscope Records have taken Garbage off their site too.
Something big is going down ! I have a gut feeling the band is starting their own label !? I`d even bet money on it !
I`ll keep you posted !

Update 1/10/01... VH1`s 100 Greatest Album`s of Rock and Roll...
The list just came out today. Garbage didn`t make the list however...Nirvana`s " Nevermind " produced by Butch Vig came in at # 2 between the Beatles " Revolver " at # 1 and The Beach Boys " Pet Sounds " at # 3 !
Congratulations to Mr. Vig on this huge honor !!

Update 12/28/00... Garbage on VH1`s " Before they were Rock Stars " !
I saw it this morning and got it on tape !!
It`s episode # 027. Keep checking VH1 for the next time it will air !
Features clips of...Goodbye Mr.Mackenzie, Angelfish, Firetown, and two MTV interviews !!

Update 11/26/00... OHWIR in at #68 !
Rollingstone and MTV have picked OHWIR as #68 on their list of " The 100 Greatest Pop Songs " of all time.

Update 11/22/00... " Thick and Dirty "
That`s how Butch Vig described the next Album to RollingStone !

Update 9/2/00... CNN`s Worldbeat transcript...
The transcript and v.captures from CNN`s Worldbeat are up on my press page !

Update 8/30/00... Mix your own Garbage !!
You can now mix your own Garbage song at and send it to the band !!
Shirley`s Radio Show...
Shirley`s Radio Show at is now available here !

Update 8/8/00... Shirley on CNN and Radio...
Catch Shirley on CNN`s Worldbeat Sat. 8/19 @ midnight EST. and Sun. 8/20 @ 3:30 pm EST.
The topic is " Women In Rock ".
Shirley`s 3-hour radio show will be available for download at this month ! Keep an eye out for it !

Update 8/4/00... Chat with Shirley !
Just in...Shirley will be chatting with fans Tuesday, August 29th @ 8pm EST !
Go to for more details !!

Update 7/19/00... Studio Diary # 12
Diary # 12 written by Butch Vig was posted today !

Update 6/11/00... Palace Chat Transcripts...
In case you missed the chat last month you can now read the transcripts from both the private chat and the main event !

Update 5/24/00... Chat with Shirley May 30th !
Tune in to on Tuesday May 30th to chat with Shirley !!
The topic will be " Self Injury "
For more info on why Shirley is involved with this chat go here.

Update 5/13/00... Esquire pic !
Check out this pic and short piece on Shirley from Esquire`s site !

Update 5/9/00... Butch Vig was interviewed by " The Offspring " !!
Read the interview Here !!

Update 5/2/00... Shirley trashes Lopez !
According to an email from Dotmusic today, Shirley had a few words to say about Ms. Lopez at this years Grammy`s !
Check it out here !
GO SHIRL !! ( ya gota love her ! )

Update 4/27/00... B-side delay NOT Garbage`s fault !!
According to this MTV article the bands record label ( Almo Sounds ) is closing it`s doors.
Could their new Label end up being Interscope Records ?
It could be a chance for Shirley to fulfill her Radioactive contract, or possibly a start of their own label ??
We`ll just have to wait and see !
In other words...It`s all Lawyer`s and paper work holding everything up !

Update 4/12/00... Garbage to put B-side`s on hold !
In an Email from Shirley sent over the Garbage Mailing List tonight, She said they have started writing songs for the new album and have put the B-side project on hold !
You can read the letter in the Diary section, or go directly to the page here !

Update 4/9/00... Lots of official news from
1...Congratulations to Steve and Cindy on the birth of their daughter March 26th 2000 !!!!
2... " The Garbage Palace Site " is coming soon ! To get an idea what it might be like go here
3... Look for Shirley in the following magazines...
** Vogue Magazine...( US/March issue )
** InStyle Magazine...( US/April issue )
** Q Magazine...( UK/June issue )
** Esquire Magazine...( US/June issue )

4... Butch has been busy back at Smart Studio`s working on the following...
** KORN`s " Make me Bad " (Sickness & Salvation Remix.)
** The Offspring`s " Total Immortal " ( " Me, Myself, & Irene " Soundtrack.)
** The Offspring`s " Blood Stains " ( " Ready to Rumble " Soundtrack. )

Update 1/4/00... Garbage gets TWO Grammy Nominations !!!!!
Just in...Garbage just moments ago recieved two grammy nominations as follows...
Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group with Vocal for " Special "
Best Rock Song (Songwriting award ) also for " Special "

The Awards will be held on Feb.23,2000 !
Check it out here !

Update 12/10/99...
No, I haven`t abandoned this page !
Just been really busy, and there hasn`t been alot of news to pass along anyway.
What a mess, this page is full of " dead links ". Have to go through them all.
All site updates are now here.

Update 10/20/99... Garbage on Letterman 11/1/99...!
On Monday 11/1/99 the band will be performing " The World Is Not Enough " on Letterman...! This will make their third appearance on the show...!!
I`m sure " Leno " will follow..? Just in case...Let`s e-mail Jay !
Also...On 11/8/99...
The band will be attending the world premiere of the James Bond movie in LA...!
( The one I almost won a free trip to...#**#&$**#! )

Update 10/16/99... " The World Is Not Enough " update...
MTV will air the " Making of the video " followed by the video it`s self, this Tuesday 10/19 at 10:30 Est/9:30 Cnt. !!!

Update 9/15/99... Campus Invasion Dates are in...
The first " Unofficial " dates of the MTV Campus Invasion tour are in...!!!!!! Alot of the dates are here in the " Northeast "
Oh Yeah!!!!!!
More to come very soon ...!

Update 9/9/99... Special Video Wins VMA..!!!
The video directed by Dawn Shadforth took " Best Special Effects " at the `99 MTV Video Awards...!

Update 9/8/99... Garbage on " Buffy " soundtrack...!
Just in...Garbage will be on the soundtrack for the new season of " Buffy the Vampire Slayer " Check it out here...!

Update 9/1/99... MTV Campus Invasion Tour Coming...!
The last 20 U.S. shows of the bands ( almost year and a half long ) World Tour are still to be announced..!
Right now the band is in Madison working on a " B-side " album, then back to Australia for a few more shows first.
After the " Invasion Tour " they start work on a Third Album...!!! I`ll keep you posted..!
And... In case you just crawled out from under a rock... It`s official, The " James Bond Theme Song " is finished and should be out soon..!!!!!!!

Update 8/4/99... Although there is still no " Official Word " from the band...
According to the Official Movie Site, James Garbage WILL be performing the Title Track to " The World Is Not Enough "...!!!
All together now...YAHOOOOOOOO..!!!!!!!!!! ( As if we had any doubt..!! )

Update 8/2/99... " Special " video nominated for " Best Special Effects " at the `99 VMA Awards..!

Update 7/26/99... According to Dotmusic/UK Garbage has just finished recording the title song to the new James Bond Movie, complete with a 83 piece orchestra...!!! This HAS to be cool..!!!!!!!

Update 7/23/99... Garbage Fans have spoken...!
The results of VH1`s " On-Line Poll " are in...Shirley is #10 on the list of "The 100 Greatest Women of Rock and Roll..!!!!!
OH YEAH..!!!!!!!!!

Update 7/9/99... News Flash...You heard it here first..! " VH1`s 100 Greatest Women of Rock and Roll " will premiere on July 26th 1999 at 9:00pm EST...!! AND... You can vote for Shirley..!!
The show will air in five parts Monday to Friday as follows:
Hour1 July 26th @ 9:00pm EST.
Hour2 July 27th @ 9:00pm
Hour3 July 28th @ 9:00pm
Hour4 July 29th @ 9:00pm
Hour5 July 30th @ 9:00pm
Or..Watch all 5 Sat.July 31st @ 1:00 pm EST.
( VH1 keeps changing the times, These times might be an hour early..? Better safe than sorry.!! )

Update 7/8/99... It`s not official yet but...Garbage may be performing the title song for the new James Bond movie... " The World Is Not Enough " !! Apparently the song has already been written by someone else, but under the circumstances, who cares...! Here are four links to get more info:
James Bond.Com.
James Bond...The Unofficial Site
MTV News

Here`s something cool to read...
Shirley meets Madonna at the Grammys...!

Update 6/17/99... " When I grow up " video ( with clips from the movie " Big Daddy " ) will premiere on Total Request Live Monday 6/21/99 !! ( MTV/US between 3 and 4:30 PM/and also between 8 and 9:30 PM. ) VH1 will also premiere it the same day !

Update 6/7/99...Garbage to perform in Edinburgh for Scottish Parliament / Queen on July 1st.

Update 5/3/99...Garbage has been added to the list of bands at The Tibetan Freedom Concerts on 6/13/99..!! They will be at the Amsterdam Show. For more details... see this MTV article.

Update 4/28/99...Rollingstone`s list of " Essential Recordings of the 90`s " is in...The Garbage (s/t) album made the list..!!! Also some of Butch Vig`s other work made the list..!! (Nirvana/Pumpkins) Check the list out here !

Update 4/26/99...Not much news in the last couple of weeks...
1...Shirley will appear in Calvin Klein ads this fall...( Thats about it..! )
2...Not sure if " Pollstar " is going to update their Garbage Tour Dates...?

3...Pics from "The Craig Kilborn Show " are on page #3.. I apologize for the poor quality of the pics...( NEVER buy Video Tape at " 7-11 " at the last momment..!!! )
4...Added a link awhile back to Shirley`s Tour Diary @ ""
5...Working on a home page finally.! Might even put a pic of my "ugly mug" on it.?
6...Will try to find the time to re-design this site..It`s too dark and gloomy looking !
7...Took down the link to Edinburgh`s five-day forcast.( It was linked via my account at AT&T )I`m looking for a replacement link that won`t put my own security at risk. I really liked that link too..!

Update 4/2/99...Tonight Show #2 pics are on page 5..!!

Update 3/28/99...Pics page 6 is on line !! It contains pics from...SNL/FANatic/and C.Rose. Also added some pics on page 3. Still have to spend some time to clean-up/align the pages week !

Update 3/25/99...The band will once again be on The Tonight Show on Friday 4/2/99...!!
It`s good to be a Garbage Fan..! FANatic and The Charlie Rose Show last night,( both very cool ! ) And now The Tonight Show again..! To Mr. Derek Burks-Who got to meet and interveiw The Band on FANatic...YOU LUCKY BASTARD..!!! We`re all jealous !!!
This site has now doubled to 25mb`s of space..!!! I am now paying for this site..but it`s worth it.! The best part...No more Ads or Pop-up`s..!!! ( They will be gone by this week-end.) I will still be weeding-out the pics section, but will now have even more space for lots of cool new pics etc. I have a huge back-log...SNL,FANatic,C.Rose,etc.( The list goes on ! )

Update 3/21/99...Sat.Night Live was awesome...Garbage performed " Special " and " Grow Up " !! I`m also a huge Drew Barrymore fan which was an added bonus ! She`s obviously a huge Garbage Fan like the rest of us !!...Al`right Drew..!!
There has been alot of reports from fans that Shirley hurt/broke her arm.? There is also a rumor that the injury was sustained during a fight with "The Bare Naked Ladies" at the Grammys..? ( possibly due to a recent article in "Spin" )where Shirley yelled "Turn it off !" when hearing one of their songs. (Their music has the same effect on me too !) Still waiting to hear the official story from Shirley herself..She appeared to be ok on SNL last night !

I will be doing a major overhaul on my pics section...I have no space left on this site and will be weeding out alot of pics and downsizing the really large pics that I do keep...Also hope to get more info on the Biography page ! I would like to totally re-design the entire site,but springs almost here and I have too much work to do on my house etc. It will have to wait until the fall.

Update 3/6/99...Please note...MTV FANatic`s air date has been changed to Wend.3/24/99.According to MTV,The show is on at 10:30pm EST.

Update 2/27/99... Garbage will perform " Special " on Saturday Night Live on March 20th...!!!! This show usually is on at 11:30pm EST.on NBC.
Grammy pics are up on " Pics page 3 " I had to dump all the original pics on page 3 do to lack of space right now...

Update 2/25/99...Well Garbage Fans... Sheryl Crow took " Best Rock Album " and Lauryn Hill took "Album of the year". The competition was tough..!! Even though the band didn`t get a Grammy , I`m proud of the fact that they were nominated as one of the best Artists of `98 ! Next time !!!
The highlight of the show ( besides Shirley..she looked gorgeous !!! ) was Eric Clapton and Mr.BB King playing together...Very cool.!!! I`ll try to get a couple of pics of Shirley ( and I think I might have some of the "Boys" on tape too..) up on the site in the next week !!

Update 2/22/99...Lots of cool news from " "...
1..." MTV FANatic " to air ..March 24th !!!( see if I can find the air time..)
2...M2 Interview..This Friday @ 11am MTV/US..!!!
3...March 17th and 18th @ 11am/MTV/US..."Rocks off with Jesse"
4..." MTV Presents Garbage Live " will be aired as follows...
-- April 3rd on MTV Central. ( Central..??)
--April 7th and 9th on MTV/Italy
--April 21st on MTV/UK and MTV/Ireland
-- April 25th on MTV/Nordic.
5...Stephane Sednaoui is set to direct the next Video..."You look so fine" while the band is in LA..!!

Update 2/12/99... On Wed. 2/17/99 @ 8:00pm EST... TV Guide/Yahoo will host a live chat with the band...!! If your not already registered with Yahoo Chat..Click on the above link and do so now !!
The band has just finished thier tour in Europe ( unless thier making-up the show in Tallinn..? )If you don`t know ..This was the show that had to be canceled because they couldn`t get thier equipment over the Russian border. Next stop..Ohio w/ Ms. Morissette..!

Update 1/27/99...Wow`s been a few weeks ...
1.. Shirley will be a presenter at the Grammys..!!!( And hopefully accepting two with the " Boys "..!!!! )
2..It`s official..Garbage/Alanis Morissette will be on the road starting 2/16/99..!
3..Alright Shirley..! She was joined on stage by Chrissie Hynde at a sold-out show in London..!! They sang OHWIR together !!! (Wish I was there..!!)

Update 1/5/99...YAHOOOO !!! 2.0 is nominated for two Grammys...!!!
The show will be aired on 2/24/99 on CBS @ 8:00EST..! Keep your fingers crossed...!!! also..
From what I`ve heard...( almost officially )Garbage will be on the road with Alanis Morissette when they return to the states..Should be a cool show..!!!

Update 1/2/99...What can I say..? My poor site..!! ( What`s left of it is now the " Links page "...)You might see new page links that don`t go anywhere yet..and some other stuff which isn`t back up yet..It will be..! Well..back to work..!

Update 12/23/98... is back on line..!!!..and cool news there is..!..You could win a trip to see garbage in London..!!!! I`ve put a direct link on the front page for more info and so you can enter this time..( This link has "Scroll Bars"..!!!)

Update 12/21/98...What happened to " "..? Hope it`s only a temp.problem..?
The Band has started thier long deserved vacation..! I`m sure it will take them at least two weeks to finally rest-up and un-wind..! After that they will start thier second leg of the tour in europe..then back to the states sometime in Feb.for the second leg of the US Tour..!
I hope will be back..The alternative..Having to watch MTV all the time for any news...NO WAY..!!!
Just noticed that I have no place for the name of your website in the guestbook..just the URL`s..see what I can do..!

Update 12/15/98... This site will be under-going a TOTAL RE-CONSTRUCTION in the next month or two..This was my first attempt at a website ( and it looks it.. ) The main change will be the front page because it has way too much stuff and takes way too long to load..

Update 12/12/98...Hope you saw The Tonight Show last night...! Pics from the show are on " pics page 5 " in my photo section..!!!

Update 12/07/98... I`m happy now...finally saw "Special"..! I want to thank the "Rocket Scientist" at MTV who put the huge "120 min.logo" over Shirley`s face in the middle of the video..! ( Garbage fans will hunt you down..! )

Update 12/03/98... It`s about time....MTV will air the video for " Special " this sun @ 12am EST.on 120 Min...!!!!! It will be the first video SO GET THAT VCR READY..!!! Also..Garbage will be on " The Tonight Show " on friday 12/11/98...!!!
( NBC 11:35 EST.) They will be performing "Special"..
Filming for the next video..." When I grow up " is finished...! It`s all live concert footage...!! It should be out around jan/feb...!!? Visit "Garbage.Com." for details/updates on this and alot of outher cool stuff in the works..!!!

Update 12/01/98... Forgot to tell everyone I fixed my guestbook..! ( Was wondering why no-one signed it in almost three months..! ) Thanks to everyone that has signed it..and if you haven`t please do..!! I love to get feedback..!!

Update 11/30/98... Sitting here playing back the tape from " Modern Rock Live " last night..! Very cool show..!! Mr Vig said that they "Have plans for a third album"...!!!!
Lets see...The Live Chat on the 25th was crazy..! There were so many people that I don`t think anyone even noticed the band in all that mess..!? The live Webcast was alot better..I was amazed how good the video was..!!
Still not sure if a Live album is coming..? However... I can tell you they had a " Full Recording Studio " set up at the show in South Hadley MA..!! We were a rowdy bunch...It would be cool if we made it on the album..!!! ( if it comes out..?) Could this be the "Third Album"..?
Oh yeah...I still haven`t seen the video for " Special "..( #$**##* MTV..! )

Update 11/17/98 Ok...I`ve trashed the old "Pics Page #1 "..The new page has pics from..."Late Show 98"..the " First Late Show ", an older MTV interview ( 95/96..? ), and a few more pics to fill the page..!

Update 11/13/98 (Friday the 13th)... Well Garbage Fans...
Our just got beat-out by the "Spice Girls"..GRRRRRR!!!! I feel sorry for the "Poor Bastard" that had to break the news to Shirley..! I figure the inside of her tour bus is completly trashed and she has now started on the destruction of the entire back stage area...!!! Hummm....Spice Girl Voodoo Dolls ..!!!

Update 11/12/98... The voting for the "MTV Europe Music Awards" is over..MTV here in the US will air the show friday at 8pm EST...!! ( Hard to believe huh ? ) Keep your fingers crossed..!! I`ll leave the vote link up because they will announce the winners at the same site...

Update 11/11/98... Cool news from! On Nov.25th from " The Riviera " in Chicago...Garbage and Rolling Stone Network/Jam TV will be teaming-up for a Live Chat and Show on the web..!!! The live chat is at 8:30/7:30 CNT. and the show at 10/9:00 CNT. They will also be giving away a guitar signed by the band..!!
Keep checking with " " for details as they come in..!!!
On Sunday 11/29 Garbage will be on the " Modern Rock Live " radio show..!!

Update 11/4/98... The show in South Hadley MA. was even more awesome than Worcester..!!!! This time I`m talking...
"FRONT ROW" , in front of " The Goddess herself "...YESSSS !!!! Best concert I`ve ever been to..!!!

Exclusive News Flash..!!!
Just heard on the radio that Garbage will be playing Dec.2nd at the Oakdale Theater in Wallingford ,CT. at the "Radio 104 Jingle Bell Jam..!!" Tickets are on sale now , but won`t last long..!! Call the Oakdale Box office.($30 floor/$25 Balcony).. There are four other bands playing too..!

Update 10/31/98 Working on pics page # 5..! Just got done making video captures of what will be known in "Garbage History" as "Late Show 98"..! These have to be the most amazing pics of Shirley I`ve ever seen..!! Still have alot of work left to get them up and running on the site..Hopefully this week..? If your going to the show in South Hadley.MA...I`ll see you there..!

Update 10/29/98 The show in Worcester MA. was awesome !!! I`m talking "FRONT ROW" in front of Duke !!! He`s got to be the coolist , most layed-back person ever !! I wanted to shake his hand but it`s impossable when the guys playing a guitar !! I missed touching Shirley`s hand by 3 " ! I got the impression that she`s alittle timid about shaking hands with "guys" in the front row after some a__hole pulled her off the stage a while back..can`t blame her !! Anyway...
They sounded great and were loud !!.. 12 hrs later my ears are still ringing ! I want to thank the girl ( who gave Shirley the "Lite-up" bracelet )who.. kept saving my place in line and sharing your coffee with me while we waited outside for three hours !! If you ever read this ...e-mail me so I can say hi !! I didn`t get to meet the band but got some pictures of thier tour buses and the sign out front...( better than nothing I guess..! ) Don`t forget to watch them on "Letterman" tonight !!!

Update 10/27/98 Finally found the "CNN Interview"and have added this direct link !!
As far as the live Dallas concert...No longer available ...I have seen it for download on some fan sites !!

Update 10/24/98 Lots of news to pass along !...
1. Sun 10/25...Record signing @ Tower Records ,1601 Rockville Pike in Rockville MD.From 2-4pm..WHFS to be raffling a guitar signed by Garbage !
2. Philly,PA...Y100 -You could win a chance to see a live acoustic performance by Garbage..Call the station for details !
3. Fri.10/30...Garbage will perform a "Semi-Acoustic" version of #1 Crush on Howard Sterns radio show between 8:30 and 9:30 am EST. ( I think this show is taped for TV...It airs on the "E" Network at 11 pm. EST.) ..Will have to do some checking.
4. Shirley will be interviewed for VH-1`s "100 Greatest Women of Rock N Roll" ! Watch VH-1 for details !!

I read somewhere that the video for "Special" was already shown on "120 Min." ? If so I missed it (#*^$%# !) Knowing MTV...we will have to wait for "The Home Video" to finally see it !! DON`T give up hope !!... I could be wrong !!!

Update 10/22/98 The next two weeks are going to be cool !! I have tickets for the shows in Worchester , MA. AND South Hadley , MA. !!... See you there !!!

Update 10/17/98 Hope everyone enjoyed the live show from Dallas !...In case you had problems ( Like me ) you can still log in @ and hear a playback !! ( Hint : Go in @ 28.8 , not 56k !! )
As you can see I`ve done some remodeling on the front page..(I know..It needs help ! )

Update10/12/98 Garbage will be on "The Late Show" with Dave Letterman (agian !) on thursday,Oct 29 @ 11:30 EST. !!!
Also... if your lucky to be in Atlanta,thurs.10/22 they will be signing autographs from 7-9pm @ Tower Records on Wooddale Dr !

Update 10/10/98...(All current updates will be on top of page from now on ! )
Have added "pics page #4" to the site...It contains..."VH-1 Fash.Awards", "MTV Movie Awards", (both from 96/97 ?) and "Politically Incorrect" Captures !!!

Update9/24/98...I`ve added counters to most of my pages finally !! Also this news page !..
***Shirley will be a guest on "Politically Incorrect"on ABC Tuesday,Sep.29 at Midnight (EST)Get the VCR ready !!!!!***
The new video for "Special" has been shot in London...It will be out in October !!
For the record..Shirleys Birthday is NOT on 8/3/66...It`s on 8/26/66 !
Ok...These are the next things on my list:
1.Bigger and better pics section
2.I have tons of "Video Captures" made (and even more I have to make)when I get some time..??
3.Have to learn how to make WAV/RA3 files so I can add all the interviews I have on tape to the site !!

Update 9/29/98...Have added two new pics pages !..Page #3 is all video captures ! Two sets are from resent interviews and one set from the `98 VMA`s ! Still have more interviews, VH-1 Fash. awards, and grammys ? (97/96 ?)Have to go through some more tapes. I`ve got alot of pics from outher places and in no way take credit for them, and have left most file names and watermarks in place, if your pissed...take some of mine..! (I don`t care !)

Update 9/30/98...Hope you saw Shirley on "Politically Incorrect" ! She looked great ( of course ! ) and had a blast !
(I should have photos up next week when I have time !)

***Go to to register to see the live show from the Bronco Bowl in Dallas on thier website 10/15/98 !!!! Also a live chat on 10/14/98 !!***
Just realized that I should be putting recent updates at top of page..#*%@##* !

Update 10/7/98... IMPORTANT UPDATE...If you already registered with for the live show--check back to see if your actually registered !!..I thought I was and wasn`t !!