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Alan Buchannan Designed 37' Vashti Class

It could be said that the 'classic' cruiser/racer yacht reached its zenith over the period from the 1930s to the early 1960s with designers such as Alan Buchannan, Nicholson, Holman, Uffa Fox, S&S and their peers. What a shame then that in this modern world their work, if not their name, is almost forgotten in favour of characterless computer designed production yachts that all look the same. The originals of these classic yachts are, for the most part, confined to the 'exclusive' boat arena of specialist enthusiasts where the time consuming maintenance of traditional boats is not a chore or the expensive business of professional maintenance can be afforded. A sector of the boat owning world which can be daunting for today's busy boat owner. 

This excludes the majority of yachtsmen from the pleasure of owning and experiencing these classic cruiser/racer yacht designs which have a unique handling and feel with sea-keeping qualities that provide a comfortable and safe ride, ideally suited to open water and passage sailing, without the over stiffness and slamming of modern flat sectioned, lightweight fin keeled yachts. A number of these designs have been produced using GRP construction and while this reduces maintenance the weight ratio is significantly altered which results in totally different handling qualities compared to their original timber constructed counterparts.

Revival Classics aim to rectify this situation by producing yachts from the drawing boards of respected designers of the period and recreating them using modern boat construction methods. These boats will be constructed using modern woodworking methods to produce low maintenance classic yachts of a similar weight ratio to the original design, affording the unique handling and feel of their predecessors.

Wood-epoxy composite boat building is a tried and tested method of one off construction and lends itself well to semi-production systems. In a relatively swift build time, it produces a very strong, abrasion resistant and long-lasting hull that requires little maintenance and problems with osmosis are almost unheard of. Degradation through rot, the one major problem that has always plagued wooden boats, is solved by epoxy resin saturation. Timber has one of the highest ratios of stiffness and tensile strength to weight of any material. By having a timber core, the boats can be built close to their original design weight, thereby retaining their sea-keeping properties. They are naturally insulated and don't suffer from the condensation problems that can plague the interior of an uninsulated solid fiberglass or metal hulls, so rendering a more comfortable accommodation space.

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