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Nickelodeon Launching Avatar MMORPG Worldwide In September

Nickelodeon has announced that it is developing a browser-based online game adaptation of its popular Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon. Titled Avatar: Legends of the Arena, the game will serve as a prequel story to the series and will be Nick.com's first 3D MMORPG.

The company intends to launch Avatar on September 15 with ten different language options and in over 77 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Southeast Asia, Mexico, Japan, Argentina, and many others.

In Avatar: Legends of the Arena, players create their own Avatar characters and challenge others to battle in several arenas. As players level up, they can unlock new content, challenges, custom character outfits, and exclusive equipment.

Said Nick.com SVP Jason Root: "The launch of this multiplayer online game gives Avatar fans the opportunity to immerse themselves in the storylines during and beyond its tenure on-air. This property has always had a deep online connection with its audience and the game offers a natural extension of the franchise to keep fans engaged with the property indefinitely."

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Hello all!!! My name is Axel and i am from Argentina. I am very fanatic of Avatar: The last airbender(o avatar: el último maestro aire en español)

I wanted to know when avatar MMORPG will be released

If you have any info. pleasee give it tomee

Okayyy I want you know that the person who made thi s gamees is very 'kapaaa'(cool) IT'S the same but in spanish

Ok goodb yee and have anice day

Get a clue Axel:

Quoting the title:

"Nickelodeon Launching Avatar MMORPG Worldwide In September".

Was that not enough information for you?

:D Avatar!!!

e nunca acabara!!

from: Portugal


e nunca acabara......nuncaa


Will it be free for download? or i'll have to buy it and stuff and where can i find an official site?


cade a continuaçao de avatar to esperando 1milhao de anos depois da morte de ang e a nova guerra começando XDDD avatar nao pode acabar numca T___________T


poxa avatar e 10000000000000000000000000000000000 e nao pode parar + espero q tenha o livro 4 em desenho ai sim ja imaginaram uma nova ameaça ao mundo quem sabe dos espiritos poxa ia ser muito bom temos q pedir + pra os escritores por q ficar esperando nao vai ajudar em nada entao fas de avatar vamos avante

Hey! I'm avatar fan too!
I'm from Colombia and I was wondering if that MMORPG will be shared in all LatinAmerica.

Uhhhhh, err, hmmmmm...
Yep: I don't want it to finish yet!!!!

If there is no really a 4th book, well then WE, who really wants more, have to create it!!! xDDD


"Siiiiiii, buscare o hare lo posible para convertirme en maestro del agua control!! (Waterbender Master)"



Pwnage. Not gonna lie.

I hope it's free. If not, It's worth it.


If the game is just pvp then its not RPG. I love avatar to death and I want this game, but not if its just pvp. I like pvp but jus pvp is retarded. Need some story line action and some exploring and quests you know. Can't wait, gunna check it out either way. Peace.

Aang rocks:


I live in the US

I can't wait for the mmorpg to come out

Aang rocks:


I live in the US

I can't wait for the mmorpg to come out

Clodovil Hernanez:

i like pokemon better


Quero parabenizar o desenho!melhor desenho dos ultimos tempos!!!sem duvida nenhuma...sem enrolação, uma historia original e com efeitos fantasticos!adorei!!!!
não deixem essa marovolhosa ideia acabar!!!
AVATAR pra sempre!!!!

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