History and Development

The city of Salfeet is an old city, founded during the Kananite era. The word “Salfeet” is composed from affixes “Sal” which means box and “feet” which means grapes. This is due to the fact that the City of Salfeet was famous for grapes, which are still spread out in the city.

In 1955, Salfeet was given a Municipality status, and after the establishment of the Palestinian National Authority in 1995, the district was promoted to Salfeet Governorate.

The Governorate of Salfeet lies in the middle north of Palestine, touching the green line in the west, and it consists of 19 populated zones with 50 000 inhabitants and a surface area amounting 218 km2.Salfeet district is the largest olive oil producer in Palestine. It is also a well-known area in the field of stone cutting and marble.

At the east part of Salfeet, an industrial zone was established on a piece of 200 donums which has the infrastructure needed for any industrial and economic activity. This includes a well-organized network of roads, electricity, water, purification and refinement pools, and industrial buildings of an area of 4 000 m2.