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 MCRS services : Waste disposal

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The Directors of the Mulberry Close Residents' Society organise a number of services to enhance the environment of the Close and make living in the Close more pleasant. The main services are:

  • provision of a large skip on the Green on the first weekend of alternate months, usually January, March, May, July, September and November. The skip arrives Friday and is taken away the following Monday morning
  • organisation of a neighbourhood watch scheme
  • care and maintenance of the central Green, the entrance grass and shrubberies and all other communal areas and boundaries through a local gardening service
  • supply of electricity to the area of garages for houses 36-41 and supply of water behind garages for houses 14-16.
  • organisation of the painting of all houses with a colour-wash frontage every five years or so. The cost is shared between the owners of the houses concerned and is not part of the annual maintenance payment
  • maintenance of security gates at the entrance to the passage ways behind most houses
  • loan of traffic cones to clear a space for large delivery lorries
  • maintenance of a shed to store communal items such as cones, spare paint, ropes etc.


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