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Sonny, Jason and Carly's hearts break as they say their goodbyes to Michael. On the way home, Sonny and Carly share their memories of Michael. Sonny comforts an upset Carly and the two end up kissing!

Jax and Kate continue to bond as they attend a fashion party to raise awareness of Kate's new magazine, "Crimson." Kate fends off the bitchy remarks of rival editor Giselle, who asks about Sonny. Kate tells Jax that Giselle's words upset her, and the two get close to a kiss.

Jerry thinks he's in the clear after taking care of his latest problem (namely, stabbing Claudia and shoving her in the water). He covers with Alexis, and the chemistry between them crackles.

Johnny gives nothing away when Anthony questions him about Claudia. Anthony warns Johnny not to give him any trouble, and makes a veiled threat against Lulu. Later, Johnny tells Lulu about this, which (obviously) ends up with the two making out. Trevor spies the two.

Nikolas ventures out into the storm and thinks he sees Emily—but it's a wounded Claudia, who has washed up on shore!

Elizabeth locks herself out of her car after getting a flat tire in the rain. Jason happens across Elizabeth and finally gives into his grief over Michael.