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Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) images available on the WikiSky site were produced out of data received by SKY-MAP.ORG from the Space Telescope Science Institute. The source data is copyrighted though the copyright statement points on free use of the data for non-profit activities with proper acknowledgment. (See " DSS Copyright notice" below)

SKY-MAP.ORG allows to use their processed images and cut out tools for non-commercial use with additional credits to

DSS images on Wikipedia

GKY-MAP.ORG grands permission to use their images and tool as Wikipedia's illustration material. We also verified at STScI the permission to use DSS data specifically for Wikipedia. Here's the e-mail response from STScI we have:

> ...
> As for permission, you do not need anything special from us. We consider
> Wikipedia a non-commercial reference site so you do not need written
> permission to use DSS images, but an acknowledgement is appreciated.
> cheers
> -Brian

DSS Copyright notice

The DSS data are all copyrighted material and are subject to the following restrictions on their use.

Scientists and educators who are using these data for research, teaching purposes and other non-profit activities may freely use these data and we only request that you acknowledge the source in any publication.

Authors who wish to use DSS images as illustrations in textbooks or popular astronomy books should note that the different photographic survey images have different copyright holders. If you wish to use an image from the POSS-II (northern sky surveys) or UKSTU/AAO (southern sky surveys) you should contact those institutions directly for permission. If you wish to use an image from the POSS-I or QV surveys you should contact STScI.

Commercial use of these data is prohibited without permission. Please contact STScI for further information.

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