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Aether is a new collaborative effort by Edmund McMillen and Tyler Glaiel, where players get to see the a small part of the universe through the eyes of a young dreamer as he ventures into space on the back of his newfound friend.

The game involves using your pet's tongue to grab onto clouds or asteroids, swinging from one planet to another in search of new locations to explore. Restore the color back to each planet by solving the puzzles unique to every location before returning to Earth to complete your journey.

A standalone version is available for download as well, which should work faster on older computers.

Name: Aether
Developer: Edmund McMillen, Tyler Glaiel
Category: Puzzle
Type: Freeware
Size: 20MB
Direct download link: Click here


Cool game, but I'm stuck on the two-face planet.

LOL Nevermind. I just beat the whole game. It's really cool, but I wouldn't recomend playing with a trackpad! XD

this game's beautiful

Cool, I really liked it. I didn't realize til near the end that you can use up to swing much more efficiently. Oops.

Delightful. Great character design, excellent puzzles, and I love the lack of explanation. I do wish the controls were more intuitive though, they're not pleasureable to use.

That was freaking awesome.

Yeah nice game, the story is a bit too obscure though.

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