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JavaTM Web Start Software Delivers Full-Featured Applications With a Single "Click"

LOS ANGELES, CA Spring Internet World, Booth #1932 -- March 14, 2001 -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced the First Customer Ship (FCS) of Java Web Start software, a powerful technology that provides a way to easily deploy web-based Java applications with a single "click". Java Web Start software allows users to launch stand-alone Java applications without concern for what version of the Java platform is integrated with the browser. Java Web Start software combines the feature richness and cross-platform capabilities of a robust Java application with the ease of centralized web deployment and management.

With Java Web Start software, Java applications are launched through a web browser by simply clicking on a link -- to download and run the application -- just as if going to a web page. Users of Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator or any browser, will get all the benefits of Java technology, including support for various operating systems, hardware configurations, browser support, and security to name a few. Users will enjoy the full experience of Java technology without worrying about what version of the browser or Java runtime environment is supported because Java Web Start software determines which version of the Java platform is necessary for the Java application to execute and automatically makes that support available.

"Sun is investing heavily on Java technology for the desktop and continues to improve its performance and ease of use. Java Web Start is a big step forward in the ability to deploy web enabled graphical applications in what is now a ubiquitously networked world," said Rich Green, vice president and general manager of Java Software, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Early deployment of Java Web Start Software

A number of companies have already deployed their Java 2 applications using Java Web Start software. Its web-centric architecture, ease of use and security features make it the ideal deployment solution for intranets as well as Internet applications. High value financial applications as well as games and spreadsheets are currently using Java Web Start software. Check for a list of these early deployments.

"Java Web Start from Sun has enabled us to fundamentally improve delivery of capability to our customers," said Paul Tetley, Technical Manager of BDG Australia, the creator of "Java Web Start allows the company to offer products to the user community that would previously not have been contemplated."

"Even before Java Web Start, we had developed a similar system to reduce cost in deployment. When we got the first public release of Java Web Start we adopted it immediately. Right now we use the Java Web Start to keep 300 users updated with a complex Swing client used in a Clinical Information System at a hospital in Denmark," said Joern Larsen, Managing Director, Eastfork Object Space Denmark.

Java Web Start Software Support in the Industry

Widely acknowledged as one of the most highly desired deployment solution for Java 2 Applications by the industry, Java Web Start software has already received significant industry support through the JCP and from industry partners such as Sitraka who provides Java Web Start software support in their free DeployDirector JNLP Bundler.

"As a free client-side implementation of the JNLP standard, Sun's Java Web Start provides a solid foundation for Java-based application deployment," said Larry Humphries, president of Sitraka Software.

Java Web Start Technology

Java Web Start technology allows IT administrators to deploy full-featured Java applications that can be launched by clients through just a single "click" in any Web browser. Java Web Start technology today supports Windows, Linux, and Solaris Operating Environment clients. Sun is working with other desktop platform vendors to encourage their support of Java Web Start technology. Further, Java Web Start technology is expected to support all major browsers including all versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator. Java Web Start technology can be downloaded today, free of charge, at

Java Web Start software provides the following features and benefits to the web user:

  • Single "click" deployment --faster, simpler and safer deployment of any web based application. From any browser, the end user can simply launch the app. without having to worry about downloading, caching and launching of any application
  • Desktop Integration - allows any user to launch an application from a desktop icon or from the start menu in Windows
  • A Platform-neutral Launch User Interface - allows the same look and feel to be delivered on any platform
  • Applications are automatically cached and updated - so startup time is dramatically slashed after the first use

In addition to the end-user benefits, benefits to software developers include:

  • Guaranteed platform compatibility - because Java Web Start technology automatically ensures availability of the correct version of the Java runtime environment
  • Maximum security - since all applications are either signed or are restricted by the Java 2 platform's "sandbox" security model

These benefits are delivered without additional software on the server. The technology that enables this is the Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP), a technology developed through the Java Community Process program (JCP) and upon which Java Web Start software is based. The final version of the JNLP technology specification is available free of charge at

Java Web Start Deployment Contest Kick-off at Spring Internet World

At Spring Internet World, Sun is launching a contest for the best application deployed with Java Web Start software. The contest will run for 2 months and the applications will be judged on ease-of-use, value to the users and reach potential. Developers are invited to submit their application at and the winners will be announced at the JavaOne Conference in June. All participants will be promoted on Sun's web site, the top prize will be a $5,000 co-marketing fund and additional prizes will also be available to runner-ups. Visit the Sun Microsystems Booth #1932 for a demo of Java Web Start software and of publicly available applications. Java Web Start will be announced during the keynote given by George Paolini, vice president technology evangelism and marketing on March 14 at 10 AM PST in the Main Keynote Hall. Also, a special session on J2SE deployment technologies will occur at 4 PM PST in Room 501C.

Availability of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition v 1.3

J2SE technology v 1.3 is available on Windows operating systems, Linux and the Solaris Operating Environment. J2SE v 1.3 is available for download at Developers can download the source code for J2SE technology at no charge and is available through Sun's Community Source Licensing (SCSL) program at Furthering its commitment to work with the Java technology community on future Java software development, Sun has submitted J2SE technology v 1.4 to be developed through the JCP program. J2SE v 1.4 is expected to be released in beta in Q2 2001.

About Sun ONE

Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) is one of the industry's most comprehensive offerings to deliver Web services today and includes an architecture and roadmap based on open standards, such as Java and XML technologies, to take advantage of the new generation of smart Web services and beyond. Smart Web services are enhanced Web services with a level of intelligence based on context that spans multiple networks beyond the Web, and provide a richer experience for both enterprises and end-users. Sun ONE will simplify the way in which both Web and open smart services are created, assembled and deployed -- benefiting enterprises with better business-wide productivity, developers with faster time-to-service and increased market opportunity, and consumers with an enriched user experience. More information about Sun ONE can be found at

Java Community ProcessSM Program

Since its introduction in 1995 as the open, participative process to develop and revise Java technology specifications, reference implementations, and technology compatibility kits, the Java Community Process program has fostered the evolution of the Java platform in cooperation with the international Java developer community. More than 80 Java technology specifications are in development in the JCP program, which has over 300 company and individual participants. For more information on the JCP program, please visit

About Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Since its inception in 1982, a singular vision - The Network Is The Computer -- has propelled Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW), to its position as a leading provider of industrial-strength hardware, software and services that power the Internet and allow companies worldwide to dot-com their businesses. With $17.6 billion in annual revenues, Sun can be found in more than 170 countries and on the World Wide Web at

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