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No. 25   Woot   Carrollton, TX

Year 2008
Industry Retail
Founded 2003
Growth 4,988.5%
2004 Revenue $2.3 million
2007 Revenue $117.4 million
Employees 100
Website www.woot.com
What it does:
An online store selling inexpensive general merchandise.
Why it's growing:
Its website has been getting attention in part due to the company name, which is also a term gaining popularity in the American vernacular. Woot also operates a community section with a blog and four public forums for any of the one million daily site visitors to post their comments, opinions, and share technical know-how about each item up for sale.
What's noteworthy:
Woot, unlike online marketplace giants like Amazon, or eBay, sells only one different item each day. The company is also known for its honest item descriptions, which highlight all the good, bad or the ugly aspects of merchandise.


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