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July 12, 2007

Great Resources and Links

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Here I intend to provide a common repository to some thought provoking articles and useful resources. This is just the beginning. I intend to update this post at regular intervals.


  1. Database Normalization Rules

Web Site Design

  1. Perfect Colors for your website
  2. Open Source Web Design Toolkit
  3. 101 Resources to help you Build a Better Web Form


  1. List of Algorithms
  2. Microsoft Interview Questions
  3. Function Points Estimation Tutorial
  4. What is the best leadership style for the software team?
  5. Great Mistakes in Technical Leadership
  6. Programming Language Comparison - C# v/s Java
  7. Multi-Core Learning
  8. What every programmer should know about memory?
  9. 8 Questions you should ask on every project

Core Java

  1. Thread States
  2. Regular Expressions - Primer - Introduction, Advanced, Extreme
  3. Java Classloading - First Steps with class loading
  4. Bill Venners Articles - Under the Hood, Design techniques
  5. Comprehensive Java Collections Overview
  6. Java Performance Tuning: Technology Perf Assessment, Memory Monitoring with Java SE 5, Thread Monitoring with Java SE 5, MXBean Monitoring Servlet, VisualGC, Online Resources
  7. Java Access Modifiers 1, 2
  8. Preventing Race Conditions
  9. Java Serialization Demystified
  10. Coding in the small with Google Collections

Java EE

  1. Top 10 Java EE Perf Problems
  2. Servlet Performance Report
  3. Under the Hood of J2EE Clustering
  4. J2EE Performance Tuning Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  5. Perf Tuning: Obtaining Sun Heap Information, Thread Pools, JDBC Connection Pools, Proactive Reductions in Memory Usage, Clusters For Perf, Capacity Assessment, Troubleshooting Java Memory Issues, Custom Thread Pools
  6. Java FTP Clients reviewed
  7. Load Testing Web Services
  8. Speed up Hibernate Applications with second level caching
  9. How does SSL work?
  10. Concurrency Testing in Java Applications
  11. Simply Java Configurations


  1. 80 AJAX Solutions for Professional Coding


  1. E-Bay Architecture Overview & Gory Details
  2. Google Cluster Architecture
  3. Real Life Architectures


  1. Re-routing Standard I/O Streams


  1. Extension Object Pattern
  2. Applying Design Patterns in football Part 1 & 2 , Part 3 & 4
  3. OODesign - Creational Patterns, Behavioral Patterns

General Performance Engineering

  1. Windows 2003 Server Perf Mon
  2. Servlet Performance Report
  3. Windows NT Performance Monitor in Depth
  4. Windows CPU Utilization Levels - FAQ
  5. Using JConsole to monitor applications

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  1. Thanks for the link to my post, Find the Perfect Colors for Your Website.

    Comment by Steven — July 22, 2007 @ 6:39 pm

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