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BB2 Ep 6: It's time for Truth Or Dare

BB2 house, Aug 23, 2008 at 11:00 AM

All the housemates are up on time at the wake up call, and the Bigg Boss house is in order today with no rules broken.

Sambhavana, Rahul, Alina and Ashutosh are chilling and gossiping. They pull Rahul's leg, saying that all the girls in the house were his sisters. When specifically asked about Payal and Monica, Rahul says, "They are my good friends." He's then asked, "Are you dating Payal?" Rahul says, "No, I am not dating Payal and will tell you the name of my girlfriend later."

Ashutosh and Sambhavana discuss about Ahsaan being the next target of Rakhi and Rahul. So, they decide to go up to him and warn him. Just as they're about to do it, they see Sambhavana cribbing about her problem with Sanjay Nirupam. In the process, they forget about the warning they were supposed to give to Ahsaan.

Further in the episode, all the housemates are sitting in the living room and discussing sting operations, when Monica says, "I had got an offer for a film and had gone for a script discussion. The story was about a gangster's life...the ideas and suggestions given by me were used as a part of the sting operation where I was the centre of the story…and they talked about how the underworld operates."

The Fourth Task - to play Truth or Dare: The housemates have to sit in a circle and spin an arrow. The person towards whom the arrow points, has to either answer a question posed by the opposite person or do a daring task set by him/her.

Ahsaan opts to 'dare' and Alina dares him to kiss Sanjay Nirupam five times on his cheeks. Moreover, Ahsaan is successful in doing it! In the task, Zulfi dares to do a Nagin dance with Sambhavana playing the 'been'. Debojit is dared by Payal to dress up like a girl and sing in a female voice and dance. Very sportingly, he wears Sambhavana's ghagra and sings Choli ke peeche, and dancing on the same.

Then, the results of the eviction are announced with Shilpa Shetty.

Sanjay Nirupam out of Bigg Boss 2!

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