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Lori Henderson

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Godchild Volume 7 (Kaori Yuki)

Viz Media

Godchild Volume

Age Rating: Older Teen
Genre: Drama/Horror
Price: $8.99

Oedipus Blade - Shall the son suffer for the continued sins of the father?  Alexis hatches an evil plan involving a beautiful girl with a sick fascination for his son.  And could Jizabel's hatred of Cain also stem from their father? Step into the past as we learn more about the tortured early life of Dr. Disraeli!

If the last volume was about betrayal, then the theme of this one could be said to be about love.  It can be twisted from infatuation into obsession, and independence into servitude.  But, in the face of a pure heart, such manipulations can be broken.

Alexis Hargreaves is the master of manipulation. He uses the emotion of love and twists it from something beautiful to something dark and evil.  We watch him pull both Mikaila's and Disraeli's strings to get them to do his bidding, but the puppet he needs most has already cut his strings.  Cain is no long under his father's spell, and can not only refuse him, but one-ups him!  It was very refreshing to see Cain be one step ahead of his father for a change.

Throughout this volume we see Alexis at work, and what lengths he will go to break loved ones, especially with Dr. Disraeli.  Alexis turned his relatively happy life into a hellish nightmare in just one night, breaking him completely.  He becomes Alexis' puppet with next to no fight.  The flashback of Disraeli's life was very unsettling.  I couldn't read it a second time.  Yuki-sensei's portrayal of the lamb's head in certain scenes was particularly disturbing.

The power of love is a theme that runs through a lot of Yuki-sensei's titles.  This title seems to explore the darker side of love, and the extremes one will go to when they believe they are in it.  But it also shows the strength one can gain from it when it is used properly.  Throughout this series, Alexis taunts Cain as being someone who will never know love, and usually this bothers Cain.  But by this volume, he knows his father is wrong, as he has Mary and his Aunt and Uncle at his side.  The taunt is meaningless, and Cain has the strength to not only stand up to Alexis, but beat him at his own game.

A few characters are lost in this volume, but it seems more like cleaning up before the last act.  The final conflict between Cain and Alexis needs to be the focus of the next and final volume, so the tying of loose ends has to start now.  While Disraeli's motivations are explained, we still don't know what Alexis is trying to accomplish with Delilah, or why, but he is going to great lengths to accomplish them.  Is it the power of love that drives him?  Or is he someone else's puppet?  The final volume should explain it all.



Summing Up:

Lots of exposition slow down the story some, but it's necessary to set up the final volume.

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Viz Media - Shojo Beat


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